«Bicycles are about years old.

Well, you can trust me, this is the most reliable motorcycle, as once for traveling around the world», in fact, a little English»says the traveler Yesin». The Dutchman went to a big motor track — this is almost a»controversy»: his friend once traveled from Beijing to Moscow, and Yesin decided to overcome this feat. No, I don’t want to show the world this run, Yesin laughs. Hurry up to see new places. -In Italy, a traveler stopped a girl named Sofia, whom I met five years ago in. and a service where you can»contact»the person on the other end by accident Sveta. Sonya pilots a flight attendant to her Europe, she was in Holland. In General, the pilgrim usually stays in hostels and motels, and in Italy she has a friend. A soup I haven’t tried yet.

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The red soup. Wow. The soup was gone, but there was no red among them, only yesina’s shares. In General, Russia is very»different»from the country. But in General, both on the street and the people are very friendly, I was told. -«Friendly people»for the first time from Giorgio Yesin, buckwheat, the case was located in a hostel in St. Petersburg. Like European food, the owner of many of these unusual grains (but perhaps just hid the Saracen in his pocket, so as not to offend the hospitable). -The next destination is Kazakhstan, then Mongolia. And here is the main turning point of this story, and all motorcyclists are now with horror: with a motorcycle, our traveler will have to leave. In the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Yesin plans to sell the ilo and fly to Korea, and from there to Canada, for my brother’s wedding