Miguel Minoru, who flew from Mexico to Russia to support his country’s national team at the world Cup. However, the accidental knowledge of a Russian girl changed his entire Mexican life. On the first day of the FIFA world Cup, Miguel was asked by passing girls to explain how to change it to. And while Kristina was explaining to a foreign guest where to go, the boy managed to fall in love and decide that she would definitely become his wife. The girl finally agreed to take a new friend to the podium and invited him to dinner, but she was refused.

The guys spent hours talking on the phone, but Miguel also lost one of the games of his team for meeting with his beloved. On the closing day of the COPPA Mira, a Mexican man proposed to a beautiful Russian to marry him. In front of this young man, he managed to return home and inform his relatives that they were going to get married.

Kristina had agreed to become Miguel’s wife and had already met her and her parents

Now a young man is preparing documents to move his future wife to Mexico