This story is like a Mexican TV show. There are many actors, there is a love triangle, but there is also a big kidnapping, the whole country. It all started with the disappearance of Mexican fan Francisco mats from Moscow. And they disappeared from radar after meeting in a bar only with Moscow, they watched the match of the world Cup in Peru (Denmark). Our friend Francisco Mata is not in touch on Saturday, he wrote to a Mexican friend, Amanda, on his Facebook page. We know that he addressed the woman by her first name. Since then, his phone has been turned off, and when we tried to contact this woman, she did not give us any contacts and blocked the contact. We know that something strange is happening, because the last time we spoke to him, he was very confused and even cried. We’ve already run into each other at the Embassy. Francisco’s family members used a thousand methods to find him. He was accompanied to Moscow by his friends, who contacted the police. If anyone hears about this, please let us know. The post Amanda reported the disappearance of Francisco, a black-haired man who came to Russia to cheer for his team at the world Cup, quickly spread across the web.

Written by one Alex Lopez. And his wife was the first to realize that something was wrong because she hadn’t returned his calls. Soon after Amanda was published about this case, they actively wrote about it in the Mexican media. The journalist tracked down the woman for whom all the excitement began, and brought her own version of what happened. He says it’s a bad story. The truth is that I have condemned your brother Francisco Nicholas. Presumably, I kept a young man in prison, gave him drugs and stole him. But nothing like that. According to his wife, he met Francisco in a bar where they played in Denmark. His Mexican brother was there. Nicholas offered to go somewhere else, but we refused, remember? Then he took all the money and Francisco’s credit card. So Francisco and I went to my house. Francisco stayed with me in the apartment, with this saying that he has a wife, but he only keeps the baby together. Since then, we’ve been on the phone with his brother, Nicholas. I asked why, if Francisco didn’t want to go, remember? He said he didn’t he’s worried, and I’ll send him home in a taxi. However, all over the MEDIA write if I block my phone. Although it was his brother who blocked me when he wanted to call and tell me that Francisco had forgotten that I had a passport for the fan. Maybe it was because of Francisco’s marriage that Nicolas was acting like this. he says that Francisco was safe and sound, while his fan brother didn’t even want to answer his calls. I would like him to offer me a formal apology, he says. He falsely denounced the country to me two weeks later. Now Francisco is no longer in me. Your brother took a taxi.

I’m sure they’ve met

Information that Francisco Mata was found was also confirmed at the Mexican Embassy in Russia, on the Twitter page. The Embassy staff paid a visit in good health, and read it in the message. That’s how much he is now under question in his personal life