Mexicans have a bad reputation in Italy because of sexism in their country. Italian women are very free and usually provide themselves with finances. Educated Italian women, as a rule, do not agree with the fact that they are offended.

Italian families can be interfering and judgmental, of course, you can’t generalize, but be prepared to be examined by your parents. Again, depending on the level of education of Your family, You may encounter stereotypes (all South American men are scammers and chauvinists, etc.). there Is one very good thing about Italian women and they know how to support. Again, this is a pure generalization, but usually Italians enter into long-term relationships, they have a real capacity for compromise, and so the relationship usually works. Please don’t cover it with gifts and don’t expect to be treated like a doll.

Italian women I hate

They are strong, independent women, and they expect the same from their partners, regardless of whether you have heard of them.

Also, the whole Italian romance thing is a little over the top

Not everyone here is romantic, but there is certainly a lot of goodness in the way it is generated, so people of nature (bring flowers on their birthday, etc.) share their innermost secrets with the search engine without thinking: medical, financial and personal Affairs, along with everyday Affairs, well, Yes.

All personal information must be private, but in Google I