As a white American, what you need to know about meeting a Mexican girl. I’ve heard a lot of things, but I don’t know if they’re true they. The values vary greatly from class to class, so assuming that your target audience for Dating is a woman from the upper, middle, and upper class, here are some tips to keep in mind:»Men always pay their restaurant bills. After a couple of dates, you can say»Yes»to your»dinner is on you, but let me pay for a movie with dessert ice cream for this offer.»In fact, when he says those words, you know that he is the guardian. No sex on the first, second, or third date. When Mexicans want to relax, they go to the beaches to meet gringa. We don’t have a date for sex. Sex begins when you have a formal relationship. In more conservative circles, sex doesn’t come into play until you become a»regular»boyfriend. The concept of»waiting until the wedding»is gone. Good table manners are very important. Do not make any noise while eating, chew with your mouth closed, do not talk until you have swallowed, and eat slowly.

Even if you have a doctorate and you earn millions, if you eat like an ignorant peasant, you will be abandoned. Knowing your parents does not mean that they are committed to something. Don’t worry if she wants to meet her parents, siblings, or the rest of the family. It doesn’t mean she wants to get married.

This is not true

If she has given herself a materialistic view, then Yes, she is expecting it. But for the vast majority of educated women, I know this is not the case. In fact, they may have a tendency to break down, depending on the dynamics of their family. Some educated women come from families where the mother always serves everyone else first. If you have given yourself one of the traditional approaches to education, you will find a more balanced approach very refreshing. Imagine: on one of your departure dates, prepare a joint dinner, set the table or clean up the mess and finish cooking. She will be the one who loves. Usually this is so, up to a certain age. If it’s given to someone over twenty-six who still lives with her parents, good luck with that.

You must be bored

It is better to look for independent and educated women, which will be much more fun. -«You can buy flowers, you have to be creative, try to be difficult, and do good things for them, you have to answer for their texts quickly, being super banal can be acceptable»No, no, no, and for the latter No. Especially to buy flowers and super banal, NO, Please, no. As in any other culture, it will shut down if you try too hard, it will think that you have never had a girlfriend, if that’s corny, and it will instead spend your money on entertainment to have dead flowers rot somewhere (flowers are expensive, and you only buy them for funerals and hospital visits)