In Mexican society, there were many»ceremonies»of meetings with parents, obligatory family dinners, and family visits. Around everything is good and convenient, because it is so used. And here you will feel comfortable choosing a Christmas tree among many tools. Mexico is full of little daily rituals. Hello, how are you», the first corporate Spanish lessons, will be a better offer price for you. The answer can only be»Well, so can you.»And you, which is typical, are all the best.

But we should definitely wait until the person asks this sacramental question to everyone he will hug his friends and kiss you, and then he will be able to talk about it every day. When you go out, you have to say goodbye even to people with whom you haven’t even exchanged a word all night. Don’t forget to hug them and say,»See you later,»even though you both know they will never meet again. The main thing to remember is that these ceremonies, which have no meaning for us, are very important for all Mexicans. Another source of cultural shock kisses when I’m out. Hello exclusively with a kiss on the cheek.

With all

Including with your boss, colleagues, and University professors. If you have agreed to a meeting for the day and time, it does not mean anything. And it is not necessarily that the meeting will not take place. The famous Latin American»tomorrow»,»next week»,»maybe»or»never»perfectly describes Mexican society. So on the eve of the meeting, it is better to ask again, let’s see. People in Mexico are sociable and open, but this is bad luck. Well, promises are made automatically. One of the important skills that you train in Mexico is the science to understand spoken words of subtext. Usually the hidden meaning in the many floral patterns. At first, it is very good that no one»cuts shoulders», but then it can cause difficulties. The Mexican mentality precludes directness as such, and even a dry refusal in response to Your request will become a paragraph of printed text. This is especially true for business letters: in addition to the usual»thank you in advance», at the end of the text there are literally phrases such as»we are at your feet»,»our fate is in your hands»and other pompous expressions that are unlikely to ever be written to your partner in Russia. The General consensus is that it is easier to make friends with Mexicans than with Europeans. Many people in Europe compare Mexican friendship to the siege of a fortress: time for establishing friendships takes a lot of suspicious people and they are reluctant to admit to the private life of strangers. If you ask a Mexican, easy to have friends in your country, he answered»Yes»without hesitation. But after a while, he will definitely find out what kind of friends he has. Gradually, a really close and reliable friendship grows. First he looks at you, and after a while he becomes(friend, friend) means that he has reached the first level. Above, you can grow to what is already described as a friend. In male friendship, the highest level is to have a brother. These friends can always count on the fingers of one hand, but for them, the trip to Mexico is really worth it. If the opportunity to visit Mexicans is not a family dinner, then it is, at best, an opportunity to enjoy a glass of water. It is useless to wait for your friends to take them all into the refrigerator, cook them and put them on a plate. And a big party here is often held in a style that literally means»work style»but is actually»eat what it brought». The host can provide guests with a couple of large bags of chips, and everything else will have to be taken care of take care of it yourself.

Mexicans like to save money

This quality manifests itself in its own way, especially in relationships. If a Mexican earns well, he is ready to swear on every weight (i.e. every three rubles) at a fruit and vegetable stall, buy the cheapest and highest-quality things all year round, but on vacation he will definitely go to a five-star hotel. This savings is evident in all your friends trying to call a landline phone, the car is seasoned with a hundred rubles (so it costs three liters of gasoline), so they will not be tempted to spend too much fuel. Another unusual aspect of Mexican culture: if you are invited to a restaurant for your birthday, you will have to pay for everything you order. The exact feelings towards Mexicans mean that girls in General from rich countries stay here FOR permanent residence. And many of them have forever left a strong long-term relationship, they recently met with Mexicans.

Ask yourself why

How much care and attention girls pay in Latin America, they almost do not get anywhere. Escorted home, always holding hands, even an unknown person will always open the door for his wife. Mexico still adheres to a conservative education and the traditional role of men in relationships. This means that he often makes decisions and takes the initiative. Another negative aspect of relations with Mexicans is that they can last a long time, but they do not end their marriage. To test their choice, Mexicans have been Dating for about ten years and are more likely to live together after marriage. But this does not mean that after a thorough check of their future marital relations, they will not stop the divorce. They marry Mexicans about thirty years later. Children do this even after the age of thirty, often closer, because the same life project explains why they spend a lot of time on their career and accumulated savings to buy their own home. In addition, children under the age of three-year-olds have to go to kindergarten, and in most cases they have to pay a lot of money for this. There are free kindergartens for single mothers, but they try to avoid their own parents. Most Mexican schools also pay for this. There are state institutions, but they have little enviable reputation, so a bourgeois family that they don’t even consider. Therefore, creating a family here requires a lot of effort. On the one hand, the habit of being slow in making important decisions is an amazing life. On the other hand, every step is carefully studied. Strangely enough, at first glance it didn’t seem to us that Mexican life, with its abundance of parties and its ability to enjoy life, whatever it is, is very attractive at any age, and the friendship with the people of this country is long and strong. A community of active people, so the word»border»is a legend. We collect up-to-date information about emigration, volunteer programs, and other opening methods new horizon