Your blog for Latin America. From travel, adventure, business, meetings and dangers in Mexico, Central and South America. Vance. This time, let’s talk a little bit about meetings in Mexico. Or, more precisely, tell them how to attract a Mexican woman. After spending about three years here in total, I like to think I’ve learned something about girls South of the border. And while, for the most part, Dating girls in Mexico is no different than Dating girls anywhere else in the world, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of meeting a Mexican girl (or a short adventure. if this is your style). It took me a while to learn the game, so I hope the following ten tips will save you some time. I put it down it’s not just that. Dress well, this is probably where you will get the highest return on investment (maybe even more than learning Spanish). There is no easier way to distinguish you from other foreigners than by dressing up. Instead of the typical shorts and sandals or shoes that most travelers wear, invest in a jacket, a pair of V-neck shirts, and a good pair of boots or evening shoes. You won’t regret it. Local guys don’t get married very well here either, so you can really take advantage of this area. If you want to have good luck with dates in Mexico, you will have to make an effort to look good. I wrote a post about how to dress in Latin America. It has all the necessary information on how to attract the attention of Latinos. In Mexico, there are large cultural differences between cities. You need to configure your approach accordingly. For example, if you are looking for local women in Oaxaca, which is more conservative, in in the main, indigenous state of Mexico, your strategy is to go very differently if you do it with women, the most progressive and liberal capital of Mexico city. I will try to simplify everything: if the meeting in Mexico is your goal, then you will want to stick to the major cities. In small towns, many girls will get married when they are in their twenties, and either there will be a certain stigma against casual relationships and foreigners. I wrote an article about the best cities where you can meet Mexican women. Check it out. In short, here are some good options: if it’s darker and more thoughtful, you’ll want to store it here in Mexico. Despite the fact that the guy with the mysterious game is doing well in Europe and the United States, things are not so simple here. I’m not talking about changing his personality (it’s still impossible), but if he is able to do it, look at the brighter side of things in this country. To impress a Mexican woman, you must prove that you can have fun. These are some of the most positive girls I’ve ever met anywhere, so I advise you to keep an eye on everything. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem — their energy is contagious. Mexican girls love you if you show a sense of humor and like to have a good laugh. Dating in Mexico is fun (and sometimes dramatic). You don’t go too far if you can’t laugh at one or two of them. Practice makes perfect. If you want to get an idea of what Mexican girls are like before they leave and they no longer have the opportunity to meet in Mexico, the best way to do this is to talk about as many girls as possible. Sign up one month before your trip, and you can immediately start chatting with Mexican girls. all the comfort of home. This will give you an idea of what they like, what their meaning is, etc. It will also give you a good reason practice Spanish seduction. We all know that Mexico is a controversial country. Corrupt politicians, drug violence, illegal immigrants, etc. When I first meet a girl here, it’s best to avoid any arguments. At least not until I get to know them better. This includes Donald trump, the Wall, immigration, politics, and drugs. If that makes you come, Express your opinion, if you have one, but try to keep it a secret. A good way to do this is to give your opinion honestly, but by following it, emphasize the fact that you are not Mexican, and prefer to hear some local opinions. They will be more than happy to share and impressed with your interest (even if it isn’t, actually). In addition, in favor: in political terms, most young and educated girls will oppose the PRI party. Therefore, you will definitely insult the current government (at the time of writing). As you learn more about this is better, do not hesitate to Express your opinion about your country in a more advanced way, but in the early stages it is better to keep everything in sight. Being cheap is no longer good in Mexico. If you don’t want to spend at least thirty dollars a night in bars and Nightclubs, it’s best to stay at home. Mexican girls love to drink (especially in the North), and if they’re not willing to spend money to keep up, they think they’re having fun. It’s a piece of shit, but it’s the way it is. If you don’t drink, it’s all right. It won’t work against you, either. However, I suggest that when you go to the bar for water or juice, maybe you buy a round for the girl (s). This doesn’t mean I have to constantly buy drinks and food for girls — one big thing about Dating Mexican girls is that I’m willing to pay your share, more than other Latinos (ahem, Colombians). Dating in Mexico doesn’t have to be expensive. But it will not be unduly low. The state is very important and does not it looks very good. If you don’t have enough money in Mexico (I’ve been there before), choose dates in cafes, not in restaurants. Or, if you prefer coffee shops to tune in, choose one near your home. Drink one or two drinks, and then offer to drink in your apartment. You can buy a bottle of tequila in a supermarket for about the same price as a cocktail in a bar, so if booze is your thing, then there are cheap ways to do it. This is a controversial opinion. Many will say that the key to success with Latinos is aggressiveness. I have found that it is best to start slowly on dates with Mexican women. Don’t sexualize the conversation when you first meet in a bar or club. Don’t make your move in the first thirty minutes, unless it is absolutely clear that she is really inside you. At some point, you have to make her understand that you like her (otherwise she will ask if you are queer or gay), but if you get to the door too fast, you will get scared in my own way. Many of these girls are used to being called out on the streets and even trying to get on the subway, so if you are too aggressive, your first instinct may well be to say»what the hell». Be the perfect gentleman as you get closer and closer. If you do that, you’ll be successful in Mexico. Conclusion: if you want to attract a Mexican woman, you must be dominant (aggressive). If you are in a relationship with a Mexican girl, she will walk all over you if you are not what you are and don’t accept it. And if you don’t call her shit, she’ll keep doing hand-painting, and the situation will get worse. Even the most beautiful Mexican girl, Nisa, follows all her damned men if she leaves them. Note: This is true for all women. Only in Latin America, where society is insufficiently feminized, this is even more relevant. On business. If you’re in a relationship with a Mexican girl, you need to set boundaries. As in of all the women in the world, Mexican women have a lot of men who send them text messages, trying to reach them at any time. Dating in Mexico is no different in this respect. Make it clear that you do not tolerate such things. Mexican girls (again, just like girls around the world) love attention and often lead a couple of boys. If your girlfriend does this, even after you’ve set the rules, the size is lost. It’s not worth it. Also, more information on how to spot a gringo hunter. If you speak excellent English and have spent a semester in Europe, there is a high probability that you are buried more than the funeral Director. As a rule, you will avoid girls who are only on gringo data. This is easier said than done in this country. I’ll be writing a post soon on how to avoid gringo hunters, so stay tuned. Finally, if you want to know how to attract Mexican women, the best advice I can give you is to learn a little Spanish language. Many Mexican girls don’t speak very good English. If you devote yourself to learning the basics of the language, it will open up the Dating market to (literally) millions of girls. The best program I have found for learning Spanish with the specific goal of Dating women is, again, a Spanish retreat. This will teach you the exact Spanish language that you need to know to meet and seduce Mexican girls. If you complete the program and consult it over time to refresh your memory, I can assure you that the results will be much greater than if you had stuck to English. It can be a little hard to tell if you like a Mexican woman. This is largely because the interpersonal aspect of your culture is largely non-confrontational. This means that even if she is not herself, she can still respond to your texts and make experimental programs for communication. She’ll do anything, but I’m telling you straight out, that she didn’t want to see any more. If you’re not sure if a Mexican lady likes you, here’s how she can find out. Shut up on the radio for a while after you’ve had a couple of dates. If she doesn’t start texting in a week, there’s a good chance she won’t buy what she’s selling. If so, good. Raise.

After about a month, if she doesn’t get back in touch, throw out the text of her Ave Maria to see if she wants to meet again. If she doesn’t do it, it’s a big one. Maybe she’ll be able to distribute it again. If she gives you a reason to be busy or gives you a full Blowjob, delete your number. More fish in the sea. We’ve all been there, so don’t take it personally. And remember, after all, girls with girls, there is no need to rethink your approach. Just go out and talk to someone. When you are in Mexico, keep these tips in the back of your head if you are not sure how to act in a certain situation, or if you feel a little scared for the first few days here (this is normal)