In Guadalajara we will see with your favorite view sport a Mexican game -«duel». Each battle consists of dozens of very spectacular jumps, attacks, ascents, strikes and even elements of aerial acrobatics. Everything is allowed here — collisions, blows to the legs, head, torso, and even the pelvis.

Ukrainian Anna will teach us that there are ants, spiders and even Scorpions. Mexicans are not like us in many ways — they eat cacti and like spicy food, are always calm and never in a hurry, and only in Mexico do they make it so that all over the country they celebrate death by dedicating their great day to the celebration Of the day of the Dead. We appeal to people close to us, together with Mexicans, we become full participants in this popular madness — when the whole country turns into an alarming carnival with a given characteristic-a skull. In Mexico city, we were there recently — just a week ago, but only now are we starting to release videos again about everything that happened to us the last time. Videos will be published in disproportionality, so don’t judge strictly by asynchrony with our ride. We are currently in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico, but we will soon be able to travel to Mexico, in the direction of Guatemala. Let’s see the continuation of our trip to Mexico.

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