Mexico is one of the most important trading partners in the world partners’. It is the third largest exporter to the United States, and its international trade exports petroleum products, tourism, and products from its numerous Assembly plants (called maquiladoras). Most of the labor force is engaged in agriculture. You have to know a person before you do business with them, and the only way to know a person in Mexico is to know their family. Personal relationships are the key to business success. Intermediaries are used to establish a connection. It is very important, especially for a high-level meeting, to use a person known to the Mexican man or woman you are Dating. This is your connection to the family business, a person you know. This person is the bridge that builds the trust needed to do business in Mexico. Mexicans are hot and beautiful. Accepting Manana, rather than accepting time, is the money mentality of many other cultures. An old Mexican saying:»Americans live to see what they can do. work, and Mexicans work to live.»I respect their sense of time and tradition. If you have a natural tendency to speak quickly or have a loud or high-pitched voice, know how you will pass. They become sensitive to the rhythm and tone used in Mexico. Otherwise, you will destroy the relationship with the caustic, tone, and behavior. Moreover, it goes without saying that jokes about»Montezuma’s revenge»are inadequate. Men should wear a conservative dark suit and tie. Their wardrobe should include classic clothing and tailoring in gray or dark blue and white or blue shirts. A white shirt is more formal and should be worn when the formality of the meeting requires it. Women should wear a dress or skirt and blouse. A classic dress can also be worn. Build a wardrobe using classic lines, classic skirt lengths, basic and classic colors — gray, Navy, white and ivory. Men can wear trousers and a light shirt for everyday wear. Plan a casual wardrobe, using classic colors plus a camel, and it will be casual yet bright. If you have the opportunity to wear a gayabera shirt, a wonderful traditional lesbian shirt, put it on your pants. This design is very convenient in the hottest months. Women can wear a shirt with trousers or skirt for everyday life. Present yourself as professional and bright, even in an informal setting, create your wardrobe in a relaxed setting in classic shades of gray, blue, camel, white and ivory. Standing with your hands on your hips is recommended aggressively, and keeping your hands in your pocket is rude. Men shake hands after the meeting begins and expect the woman to be the first to offer her hand. Women can shake hands with men and other women. Often a woman can tap another woman’s shoulder or arm or kiss her on the cheek. Punctuality is not strict due to the emphasis on personal commitments. Dinners are an integral part of the business of catering the establishment of personal relationships. Also popular are business Lunches that are held in: or: Your hotel, and usually last two hours. Mexican men are warm and hospitable to themselves and maintain close physical contact. They often touch their shoulders or hold the other hand. The removal of this touch is considered insulting. Gifts for business leaders are not necessary. Small items with the company’s logo are evaluated (for the first visit). Secretaries should be given gifts to make them appreciated. If You have received a valuable gift, such as a perfume or scarf, Then you can visit it in return. A man who gives a Secretary a gift must indicate that the gift is from his wife. Gifts are not needed for dinner guests, but will be appreciated. A good choice is sweets, flowers (sent in advance) or local crafts from home. Women should not invite male colleagues to a business dinner unless other partners or spouses are present at the dinner. Also, Mexicans who want to try to pay for food, even if they are the owners. A professional way to organize a meal is for dinner or dinner at your hotel. Pre-prepare the food added to your account. The hint is suitable for the services provided. Wages are often so low that workers who rely heavily on tips to generate income. Titles are important and should be included in business cards. You can talk to someone in private with Your title without giving Your last name. A doctor is a doctor or medical doctor. D. Professor, title of Professor.

Aquatech is an architect.

Abogado is a lawyer

People without professional education are faced with a Mr, Madam, or Madam and their last name. Senor is you, Senora is you, and Senorita is a Latin Miss who usually uses two surnames. The first alias on the list is father, and the second alias is mother. When you’re talking about someone who uses their father’s last name. A married woman adds at the end of the name this is the name of the father, usually called (name) when it is written. This woman will be formally treated as a señora de (first name)