Excursions in Mexico allow you to get acquainted with a new culture, customs and sights. Mexico is located in North America, in the South of the country. I swam in the Caribbean sea to the East and in the Pacific ocean to the West. Tours of Mexico include visits to the Islands that are part of Mexico. Mexico city — the capital, a very beautiful cultural center with its famous attractions. Buying cheap flights, you can be sure that megapolis is a great pleasure. And when you arrive in Mexico, we recommend that you read this city first. The local population speaks not only Spanish, but also the ancient Mayan language and other dialects. This reminds us very much of the past of the native American tribes in this area. Not surprisingly, Mexico city is the largest city in the world, as well as about twenty million people who live there. In Mexico, there are about thirty people from one state and one district of the Federal capital. The official language is Spanish, the Mexican currency of weight.

During the year, this country banned the re-election of the head of government. Mexico is an ideal holiday destination for lovers of sun, beach and tropical climate. The air temperature, both in summer and winter, is at least ten degrees.

The country is located in the x time zones

Mexican time is almost ten hours into the flight. A typical trip to Mexico is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Mayan culture. In Mexico itself, there is a strong connection between European culture and Indian culture. This country is known not only for cacti and a Paradise for the climate, but also for pyramids resembling green hills covered with vegetation. On vacation in Mexico, you can see the ruins of ancient cities. All tourists have a great opportunity to see another world, which was originally perfect, and which is in our legends of that time. The climate of Mexico, on the subtropical and especially tropical coast.

The rainy season runs from may to October

Temperatures and precipitation vary depending on the terrain. For all the beauty of Mexico, you need to gradually accumulate money, buy cheap and finally realize your dream of visiting and feeling the full beauty of Mexican culture. The pyramid is a real monument of antiquities in Mexico. Many of them are available, but only available for review some of them. Near Mexico city, you will find the most famous and ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan