Mexico is a country located in the South of North America, between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It borders the United States of America to the North. From the southwest with the States of Belize and Guatemala. Official name of the state of Mexico. Mexico’s population plus millions of people, roughly the country’s population, live in cities.

capital of Mexico — a wonderful city of Mexico with a population of nine million people. The inhabitants of the country are mostly Catholics, but there are Protestants, Baptists, and even Orthodox (thousands of people) in Mexico. On the map of Mexico, you will find many wonderful places and places. Mayan archaeological sites, museums, historic cities, legendary volcanoes and mountains, rivers and lakes, deserts, beaches and famous Islands. The most famous tourist areas of Mexico are Cancun, the Mayan Riviera of the Yucatan Peninsula, Acapulco, on the West coast, the capital of Mexico and, of course, the numerous archaeological sites of Chichen Itza. Read on, we have more interesting and unusual places than Mexico that will transform your knowledge of this fantastic country. A Mexican Paradise for recreation and tourism. Beautiful nature, beautiful beaches, diverse landscapes, and the extraordinary history and culture of Mexico attract millions of tourists to this country every year. You can choose a beach holiday at one of the resorts and immerse yourself in the history Maya as part of one of the many excursions.

Mexico has great clubs and nightlife

In the famous parks of Xcaret there is always an extreme adventure. But if you want privacy and romance, immerse yourself in the world of romantic evenings, sunrises and sunsets on the coast, the world of pink flamingos. True feelings born in Mexico often last a lifetime. A wedding in Mexico reminded me of my unique love story and Novi. And long holidays for families with children will leave fantastic memories of the days spent in this magical country