Your blog for Latin America. From travel, adventure, business, meetings and dangers in Mexico, Central and South America. And, as one of my favorite countries on earth, it pains me to see so many travelers ignoring its potential Mexico is much more than the cultural wastelands of Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. In fact, if you want to meet Mexican women, I wouldn’t even accept the holiday hot spot list mentioned above in my Top. If you want to discover the best cities for this kind of thing, you will have to go a little off the beaten track. Below list. This is a list based solely on my personal experience. However, I think the facts are true for most men. For your convenience, I have listed the locations of these destinations based on their distance from popular Mexican cities or resorts. If you like Mexican girls and they are planning a trip to the South, then this is where you should go to meet them: it is a city that is not much talked about by foreigners. In fact, you don’t talk much to Mexicans unless you refer to the Feria Nacional de San Marcos, which is one of the largest annual fairs (exhibitions and outdoor parties). But that shouldn’t stop the course — the fact that many don’t pay attention to this place is good news when it comes to Dating Mexican women. The city is one of the safest and wealthiest in the country, full of sexy Mexican girls and has an impressive selection of clubs (many of which close only in the early morning). As a foreigner here, you will definitely enjoy an exotic state that you will not find in other parts of the country like Mexico city, Guadalajara or Playa del Carmen. Although any time of the year is a good time to visit, I strongly recommend that you visit Aguascalientes during the fair (from mid-April to early may). This is the largest drinking pool in the country and you will find girls from all over Mexico who are ready to party. Another undervalued city of Puebla. It is neglected by most young tourists in favor of nearby Mexico city. With a population of about, Mexico is the fourth largest city. Technically, it is its own city, but it is located next to and often grouped with Puebla. Essentially, Cholula is the place where everyone in Puebla goes to parties. It is rare to see so many bars and clubs, and so close to each other in the city, that it is not a massive gringo tourist destination. If you want to get into the night zone life, then Puebla is one of the best places in the country. While I still recommend Mexico as a better choice than Puebla for your first trip to Mexico (especially if you don’t speak Spanish anymore), Puebla is definitely worth visiting the bar over the weekend to meet some cute girls. Morelia — a bit of a sleeper choice. At first, it seems that this is not the best place to meet Mexican girls. The women are not as hot as in other cities, the city is beautiful but faded, and Michoacan has a reputation for cartel violence. But if you give it a chance, you will see that Morelia is really one of the best cities to meet girls in Mexico. First of all, it will have a huge exotic factor, because tourists, especially young people, often do not find their way here. In addition, the nightlife can work in your favor. For example, in the best clubs of Guadalajara, we often encounter a fresh (rich) girl from the wall. I mean, some of the hottest girls out there in the city, they don’t even spend the time of the day unless they are political (or mother-of-pearl) sons, or otherwise rich and famous. In Morelia, you will find one less game. Yes, there are still girls trapped, but in General, any game is fair. In General, it is located below Guadalajara because the girls are not pretty enough, and the city is not really a place where I would not spend a lot of time, but it is still a solid choice for a boy who wants to meet girls from Mexico. The fact that Guadalajara occupies the top five places is not surprising, just like the largest and most important cities in Mexico, girls are plentiful here. However, what makes this city one of the best cities to meet Mexican women is not the quantity, but the quality. Throughout Mexico, Guadalajara is revered for having the hottest girls in the country. And while I disagree (see you later), I might be taken aback by the quality of the women here if their only the experience in Mexico was to drink a cocktail by the pool of a fortified resort. Walking around the University is like walking on a regular sexy soap Opera. In this Mexican city, girls look like tall and blonde. And while this may not come as a surprise to those who have traveled to Latin America and helped white people, the God complex that some women, fair-skinned gentlemen seem to have, doesn’t really have much of an advantage over Mexico. And here they are. So if you’re a pale Viking, the book I’m flying on is the one I’m flying on. Monterrey makes the cut because it has tons of sexy Mexican girls. I’m too friendly. And even though it’s not easy for me to communicate with girls who are in some other cities in Mexico (D. F, I’m talking to you), it’s not impossible. But seriously, you will be blown away by how incredibly beautiful the women in Monterrey are. The good news is that it is much safer than it has been in recent years. Bad news. This is one of the most expensive cities in Mexico. Also, the concept of accent can be a little annoying for some people. Personally, I like it, but a lot of people don’t like it. Despite the fact that it is one of the largest cities, no one ever speaks the language of the Lion. You know why. Because I don’t want the secret to get out. Yes. I barely put you on my list because I don’t want you to be spoiled by people like you. Imagine: and an endless supply of cute Mexican girls in a completely safe, picturesque city with a good night life to go to College and live your own life. Well, that’s Leon. The foreign English teacher I met here was planning to stay for only a year. They never left. You can guess why. For simplicity, I will also be a group from Guanajuato with Leon — it is a short trip, and also full of young University students. If you’ve been here before, don’t be surprised. Mexico city is the best place to meet girls in Mexico. Point. This is not another country that offers such a choice. There are women from all over the world. The only struggle here will be the initial bullying of the city for newcomers not used to the metropolis, Intrusive and perhaps even scary. But if you stay here, you will find that the foreigners are VERY well received by a Mexican gentleman. Women here are truly Metropolitan, which means that many of them are not strangers to the night of courtship. Many of them seem to be strong supporters of this. But if you want a loyal and sweet Mexican girl, you can find them too. Most young people live alone or with roommates (read»not with parents»), so you can avoid all sorts of levels of parenting in the absence of skills that you might encounter in other cities in Mexico. I recommend going to a club in Rome, Coyocan, or Condesa. Polanco is too pretentious, and the Center can sometimes be dirty. Well, folks, I hope I’ve helped shed some light on a handful of good cities for the Mexican Assembly, sir. As you can see, you will have to go a little off the beaten track — tourist destinations such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Cape San Lucas are not very suitable for this kind of thing. And if you are concerned about security because of the US state Department, you have recently traveled, consulted, and not been. The cities I’ve listed here are largely devoid of the cartel brutality that you can see on TV here. To close the list, I will mention the cities of Hermosillo, Torreon, and Chihuahua. I haven’t visited them yet to give my opinion, but I’ve heard that they are also good cities to meet good Mexicans. If I was planning a trip with this specific goal in mind, I would have flown to Monterrey early for the weekend to catch a domestic flight to Leon, a bus to Guadalajara, and get to Morelia on the way to Mexico city. **P. S. If you prefer to meet women online, Mexican Cupid is the best (here, unlike Incentive, you can have reach and socialize with women before your arrival). Quantity and quality have improved significantly in recent years