Copyright for articles protected under copyright law. Use of materials on the Internet is only possible with a hyperlink to the portal. The use of printed materials is possible only with the written consent of the editorial Board. Mexico — at the moment, but a happy country. Because this is worth including in the main list and how to make friends with the local population. We promise you won’t want to leave. I think many people have heard of the Brazilian carnival. And I knew you had your own carnival in Mexico every winter. Naturally, the size is a little less known. But as for entertainment — ownership of your trademark. And this event also attracts viewers from all over the world. You’ve heard of Mexico with its interesting local population. You can say»the country as a country of people, as a people».

Mexicans are one of the most fun and happy Nations in the world. If you decide to visit this country, then you should be prepared for trouble, facts and endless noise as soon as you get off the plane. These people like to sing, dance and talk loudly. If so far your Mexican conversation does not sing at least one song — it is»fake». Mexicans are usually cheerful, and people around them feel comfortable and relaxed, but it is worth remembering that the country is very offended. Their jokes or harmless comments can be perceived in a different context and become deeply offensive. But even if it happened, to be honest, you need to apologize a couple of times. You’ve tried real Mexican tequila. Here, a resident of this country, at any age, tells the story of drinking, how how to drink properly, how to choose lime, and what salt is best suited. These guys are always the kings of the party. They feel safe and free on the dance floor. And, believe me, candid dance videos that you haven’t seen yet. What is already considered a dance for us is just the beginning of the process. I believe that as the host of the ceremony, any Mexican would do well and»actually»be a crowd. By the way, all our traditions are married to them abroad. When in conversation they exchange the characteristic pyramids of their people, they will be surprised by ours. As in Mexico, they prefer to eat, drink and dance.

No, that’s not true

Don’t rush to perform — it’s a drunken spectacle. If alcohol works differently for them, if they solve a problem with their immune system, but their part invites them. You certainly have the desire to participate and enjoy this joy. By the way, in Mexico there are quite extravagant parties. One of them is celebrated at the beginning of November and is called»Day dead». Adults and children should paint faces in the form of skulls, cover things with bright colors and collect them in a square. Another interesting holiday is the»Night of Ravanelli». While in America on Halloween they choose scary costumes and wear pumpkins, in Mexico they make radish figures and put everything in the center of the city. Mexicans are very sociable people. After five minutes of conversation, you know the name of your best friend and that he wrote essays in school. But you will immediately feel at ease. If they realize that there is something you don’t understand, or that you are a little lost, they will help you, and you need absolutely nothing in return. The Mexicans will not leave you in a difficult situation, and for the next ten days, they will ask you if you were well, and do not need you again to save you. If, for example, your friend prepares cakes and sweets, and after he has tasted them and enjoyed them, be sure that he will feed you as often as possible. They are ready to do it altruistic, but if they see you at best, it will help you twice as much. In Mexico, it is spoken in Spanish, which is one of the most beautiful. Any word sounds mental, and how simple it is. And Mexicans themselves are struggling to say words like»thank you»,»not at all»,»sorry». Don’t miss the compliments, and they will tell you as much as possible. By the way, sudden breakdowns and the word»no»- they try to avoid it. If you have an appointment, you know that no one will come to see you over time. And the conversation about the case will begin when all foreign issues will be discussed several times. Mexican friendship is an innate feeling. If you want to enjoy yourself in this country, you must be just as sincere and open. A terrible face is very rare to find in Mexico, and give it to a foreigner. If you decide to go to the market for shopping-do not look up. If you look the seller in the eye, consider that you have already purchased the product. Eye contact means your consent. And, as you may remember, recovery in Mexico is not good for you. In Mexico, there is a cult of motherhood. Mother is a sacred concept in this country. Even Mexicans are strongly opposed to abortion. Thus, the family is usually large and has at least three children. Children here were loved and pampered. Don’t take any photos on any account.

They are allowed everything

So that children can scream as loud as they want and run as fast as they want. This is good for future children, just as free men grow up who are not afraid of others. Such a problem as»fear of performing in front of a large audience»- in Mexico, it has nothing to do with it at all. Whether you are going to go to Mexico or not. Decide and get a plane ticket. Here you can»capture»a smile and the opportunity to enjoy life. Mexicans are used to smiling and easily understanding all problems, this is something we should learn from them. In addition, do not despair in the transport sector. Getting on the bus, to welcome strangers and to start with them, speaking out loud — this is normal. You won’t notice how everyone present, including the driver, quickly joined the conversation. The copyright of the article is protected by copyright law. Use of materials on the Internet is only possible if there is a hyperlink to the portal. The use of printed materials is possible only with the written consent of the editorial Board