I read this statistic somewhere some time ago, and it said that the two main ways that people meet other people for relationships are at school and in the workplace. She said that she has a restaurant, so she should have a lot of young people who apply for a job and work on its territory. Now I know that meeting with employees is not appropriate, but I want to say that they are already in the right place for what they want. I don’t know how old you are, or if you should still be wasting your time, maybe taking some courses at a local College.

I know people who aren’t very social, who don’t jump in your bar on a Saturday night or do anything, and who also have all the phone numbers of all the people who sit next to your classes.

Or, as another person said, you can try online Dating

I know that some people don’t feel comfortable with the entire online Dating scene, they are ashamed to have their photo taken on the Internet where anyone can see and read about them. But then I heard a claim that whoever goes to these Dating sites to view their profile is in the same boat as you, or it won’t be on the site, so to see their profile, they just hit the ball. They shouldn’t think less of you, they shouldn’t be ashamed of it, because basically they do the same thing with navigating someone else’s profile. Do not try to meet girls in a shopping Mall, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, or any other public place. They’re out there buying coffee, and you’re just freaking out, trying to start a conversation.

Usually bars and clubs are not the best place to meet new people

Usually people go to bars and clubs in groups with their friends, hang out with their team and that’s it. I’d say nine times out of ten if the girl who talks to you and keeps up the conversation just wants to buy her a drink, one by one