If the only Mexican girls you’ve encountered are the FOB ones at the local fast food outlet, you’ll get treated if you ever decide to turn the tequila Homeland upside down. Like Selena Gomez and a couple of other girls in Los Angeles, the girls located South of the Rio Grande far outnumber the Mexican girls. However, in life everything comes at a price, it’s much easier to get a first or second generation Mexican girl in the US to jump into bed with you the night before. The Mexican South of the border is a little more conservative.

Social consequences and Catholic education. Which brings me to my first tip score with Mexican girls — rent your location. A gringa backpack will happily hit a person in a Dorm with their sleeping friend on the bottom bunk. You’ll be lucky if you have a quality Mexican girl through the door of that Dorm. I remember taking my Mexican girlfriend (who had been Dating me for three months) to a hotel and having to use my Spanish shit with the staff to book a room. My girlfriend was on the street with her arms crossed and didn’t come in until a room was booked and we could go straight to the reception. Mexican women tend to be very feminine and natural Housewives. Do not worry so much about this scheme, because promiscuity is not so much a part of the culture as in other Latin American countries. In Mexico you will not find such a bright goat, as in Brazil, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. In these countries, you can have fun getting drunk and grinding against as many black ghetto girls as you can. On the contrary, the atmosphere in Mexico is usually more»respectable». For boys who are experts in Latin American Dating, Mexico and Mexican girls are more like what you will find in Chile or Peru. These girls are very white and come from rich families. They have a good level of English, they studied in bilingual schools. As gringos, they retain a bit of the exotic, the value of these girls, but they can have more things in common, so they have more things to tell about Dating. Personally, I do not like the bodies of these girls: thinner with more angular features and white skin.

But it’s just me

I like curves and caramel skin, which is why you don’t usually play with fresh Mexican girls. If you want to date these girls, you will need a good one Spanish, deep pockets and be prepared to go to a lot of trouble. I usually go after middle-class Mexican circles because girls usually have better Asses than fresh ones. Unfortunately, to hit a man like me, Mexican girls are not known for their activism. But they can be beautiful. As in Peru, you can find some really cute girls faces, but the bodies are missing in both countries. And Vice versa, the Dominican Republic and Brazil in this regard. Girls may be poor, but they don’t Rob. Being a gringo and an Englishman doesn’t count much on these girls. White girls are wanted later in Mexico, so there will be a lot of competition from local boys, so they choose brown Chicks. The vast majority of Mexicans are mixed-race. These are the best bodies — white girls do not have curves, the aborigines have square girls, but with a torso. During all my travels to Latin America and Asia, the only places where I felt like I didn’t have Rockstar sex appeal were in Mexico. I once taught English at the Rohi red cross school for nurses and students who wrote their numbers on sheets of paper and passed them to me during class. Another time, when I was camping in the jungle, only one beautiful woman in the village made a thread out of me while I was sitting in a bar minding my own business, and seduced me that night. The lesson here is to get off the beaten track. Mexico is so big that there are many places where I have never seen a gringo before. However, following the above directions and getting shades of attention does not mean that this translates into posture. The date in Mexico is simple, but the fringe is not. It is a conservative, religious, family-oriented culture that does not favor players who want to eat more girls. During my time in Mexico, I noticed that Europeans (and less Canadians) are more valuable than Americans, boys. Realizing that almost all members of the Mexican family living in the North. Most Mexicans cross the border to go shopping in San Antonio on any long weekend (which is as far away as Briscola is building the wall). For other races, Mexico may be a niche for boys, and may or may not get hit for blacks, depending on where you go. If you are in an unusual shape, dress sharply and walk around the liberal zones of Mexico city, Monterrey or (less) Guadalajara, it will benefit you. Mexican Cupid and Latin American Cupid are two of the best places to meet hot Mexican women. If you have the funds, get a membership, as you will get better results if you spread your bets. If you are going to Mexico in the near future, and you are thinking about meeting some girls online before leaving — do not delay. Online Dating is late, so I suggest you send a message to girls at least a few weeks before your arrival date. So you can have one in your bed for the first two days after arrival. In-depth study of tactical online Dating is beyond the scope of this article, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past year is that you should talk to her on the phone or on Skype before you respond. If you can’t build a deeper connection, it’s just a picture and a number in your Whatsapp list (it will have a lot of Them). The connection beyond the text messages also reduces the chances of the appearance of the flakes is an important factor in Latin America. The more time I spend on a game day in the US and Europe, the more I have learned to value discretion and be circumspect throughout the day. In the US, being a little»there»and laughing will be in your favor. If you come across how, in Mexico, she just finds it strange. Mexican girls will be curious to you, but also suspicious and intimidated, so she needs indirect approach. My number one suggestion for a successful evening performance in Mexico would be:»Learn to dance Cumbia.»Salsa would be a good alternative for learning, because some Mexican girls can dance salsa. That way you’ll be better than them, or you won’t realize how bad you are because you suck. Click on the same social night as anywhere else, but if this doesn’t work (because it’s with friends), then stop at the number and date of the next day. If your main goal of the trip is to get as many beautiful Mexican girls as possible, then here is my composition of the main destinations: it will be less valuable in Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen and Cancun due to the number of tourists. Playa is preferable to Cancun because the people will be Mexicans and other wealthier Latinos, as opposed to the American hordes of College guys in Cancun. It would also avoid Cape San Lucas, unless someone is trying to enjoy it the Golden years of retirement before death. Of course, if you don’t speak Spanish, there are the most English-speaking people in these areas. In southern States like Chiapas and Oaxaca, you will find more Indian girls similar to those in neighboring Guatemala. Girls in Northern States, like Chihuahuas, are lighter and taller than those in the South. The disadvantage, however, is that it is the most dangerous region in Mexico due to drug trafficking and border crossings. For security reasons, I would like to focus on Monterrey, Saltillo and the state of Nuevo Leon. And avoid Tijuana, Mexico, and Juarez’s Caridad. There will be more Colombian girls in the center of the country than there will be me, because I am concentrating my hunting efforts. Both for Mexico city (staying in the districts of La Condesa, Rome or Polanco) and for Guadalajara, in the center of the country, and they are a good starting point. In fact, many Mexican boys have told me that the most beautiful women in the country are in the state Jalisco (home of Guadalajara). However, don’t forget that Guadalajara is a much more conservative city in Mexico city and Monterrey. If your Spanish is strong and big huevos like to take you off the beaten track, visit the following cities and you’ll thank me later: Meeting girls online (using sites I recommend) allows you to select girls who speak English and have written it in your profile. When it comes to crime, if you are not involved in gangs and drugs do not have any problems. If you are still worried, avoid the border cities and other areas of Mexico where drug cartel activity is as high as in Sinaloa and Michoacan