Many women write to me about introverts and the problems they create. They meet up with their friends from clubs and bars. Their friends are spending time in life and Dating quality guys, but I’m stuck in a corner drinking an overpriced cocktail and they don’t get it the same attention. The search for love is a heartbreaking journey, and a public place like a bar or club is a jungle of distractions that sometimes get in the way of helping. These women are distinguished by high quality and many hidden qualities, but they have a hard time finding men in public places, in a context of non-interference. In our Western culture, it is usually men who have to approach a woman in such circumstances. This often scares men, and they often suffer from varying degrees of»anxiety approach». However, this is also a dilemma for shy women. In many ways, this takes control away from women.

The answer is simple and effective. Even if he is shy, he can give a warm and friendly body language. The famous study of body language at the University of California made all communication nonverbal. This is not very surprising as a language, it was the last form of communication that man developed. There are hard threads for decoding the language other people’s body movements in the first place. If someone seems threatening or closed, our natural biological response is to avoid them. In our male minds, we are not able to distinguish an attitude from a girl who might just be more calm and reserved. This technique works in your favor thanks to our visual orientation, we are like men. Give those signs that will help the boy approach you as easily as possible. When an interesting boy attracts your attention, smile, look into his eyes, and give him every reason to approach you. Secondly, and this should not be underestimated, logistics plays a key role. He probably wants to be separated from his friends for a while. Again, approaching a woman in a bar is quite scary, but a group of them is even scarier. Make logistics as easy as possible for you and the guy. It is a good idea to go to it deliberately, not far on the way to the toilet. Also, you can expect him to go to the bar to order a drink and go next to you for your order. Reducing the physical barrier to communication is just as important as his body language. The more he calls himself»shy», the more he becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. As with your lifestyle and construction, some work will be necessary on your part, but the results will be available soon. Next time you meet them, learn how to bring your friends to the forefront.

Ask them what works and what doesn’t

As men, we have to make a terrible leap on the approach. However, we do not know the difference between shy and intercepted. If you’re having trouble attracting the guy you’re interested in, smile, make a lot of eye contact, and give him a reason why you approached him. In an ideal situation, both sides will bear equal responsibility and advocate for positive interaction. Go out on the street with the will to experience new things.

Shyness is often simply contained in the fear

Given that vulnerability is and always will be very attractive