In our time, it is not uncommon to hear men say that they know the opposite sex with nothing. But really, think about it. Clubs are mostly frivolous young people in the house to spend money and life. In addition, there is so much alcohol, and sometimes drugs, that they are even afraid to cross the threshold such institution. Of course, this is not everywhere, but it is quite common. Yes, and once a respectable man went to a club. After all, the contingent is clearly inadequate for him. There is also a lot of cheating on the Internet. Where is the guarantee that the date of birth of the girl in the photo, and not the young mother of four boys who served in the army for three years, is growing rapidly? Maybe there’s only one option left. It’s in it, and let’s talk about the weather. So it’s like meeting a girl on the street. Not every man decides to go in person if he is in a hurry for business or just walking alone with pride. In many cases, this is because the stronger sex is a fear of feeling rejected. Pride and pride is enough to block most of the desire to communicate. So the first step in meeting a girl on the street is to overcome your hidden fear of yourself. Do not tolerate rejection from the heart. It is quite possible that you have noticed a lady who already has one gentleman. Consider also the fact that today’s girls are afraid of men who are interested in today’s violent world. But what if these are not good intentions? Therefore, given this simpler situation. To understand how to meet girls on the road, first of all, evaluate their appearance.

Look at your shoes. Very often men refuse this subtlety, but in vain. Sometimes dirty, unclean shoes can scare a woman, even if it really looks like her.

No one likes Neria

You don’t always have to walk down the street in a dress. Just take a good look at the environment. I don’t know how to meet a girl on the street. Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think. You just need to carefully monitor the female reaction. The interest is immediately visible. But if the interlocutor is trying to get rid of it quickly in all possible ways, prefers to remain silent about everything and does not respond to the answers in their speech, it is better to leave it alone. Don’t have to be obsessive, no one will appreciate it. In any case, try to be interested in the girl. Originality is encouraged, but don’t bend the stick. Always evaluate yourself from the outside. This will make it easier to understand what to say and when, so as not to frighten the person. Again, remember that you are on the road in recent times are considered to be extremely careful. The ideal physical aid option. Take the abandoned thing, go into the box, politely open the door. You can also suggest carrying heavy bags or simply give way to public transport. Usually in such situations it is easier to find out, and this is not considered suspicious if it is only about the girl. In addition, chivalrous behavior always attracts good sex. There are so few real gentlemen these days. I am looking for an answer to the question of how to meet a girl on the street. They can be the masses. Proven advice: it is easier and more pleasant to praise the lady you like. But remember, in bad faith. The guy who’s looking for you right now, to get rid of the difficult path. Just friendship and obsession. Hams are everywhere, and the girls try not to pay attention to them. So if you don’t know how to meet a girl on the street, behave naturally and comfortably. The right words will definitely lose their temper.

And smile, men, smile

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