A few weeks ago, an article in the McCall newspaper reopened sixty years ago-taking the Internet by storm. Kim marks-Kuczynski of Madison, Wisconsin, found an old problem that hovered around selling and buying for dollars. The article, titled»Ways to get a husband,»offered endless»shaky»ways to get men’s attention — from the sweet to the scary and stupid. Some examples include:»I think the article reflects the social customs of the time, and I found a fascinating comparison between what is acceptable and what is acceptable now», Ms. Marx-Kuczynski, aka»Boring Panda It also made me feel grateful that so much progress has been made.»It was outdated, absurd, and ridiculous, but he had no serious intentions. Society has changed a lot in the last sixty years, and in this article, he illustrates the differences between what our mothers and grandparents created with respect for themselves and for future generations. Charmingly.»The consensus in our modern era of feminism and gender equality is ‘you’ve come a long way, honey’.»Women no longer need to silently cry in the corner or stumble at a strategic moment to meet someone.»Now let’s look at an article in the Huffington Post, probably one of the strongest proponents of feminism and gender equality. Updated with ten, the article is titled»in places where men meet We’re talking about HuffPo, folks.

His the list is oddly similar to the McCall list and recommends that women consult with Golf courses, night schools, courses, sporting events, gatherings, and group celebrations. In fact, the article has a lot in common, for The McCall list, I wonder if they found it two years before Ms.


But after coping with all this, many women are late to realize that it cost them money. As even progressive HuffPo shows show, most women eventually want to settle down with a handsome man and raise a family. But many women simply don’t know what it’s like to find a man or how to keep him in the long run. If women spent as much time and energy preparing to become wives as they did on their careers, their personal lives might be completely different. Unlike any other generation in history,»writes Susannah Wiener in her excellent book»How to choose a husband»,»she was taught to postpone marriage until the end of her life.»an indefinite period of time, or ignore it completely, as if the marriage had somehow affected her happiness.»But most people don’t want to be alone. Men and women are irrevocably attracted to each other. Since the beginning of time, this attraction has been the driving force behind our survival as a species — and even these last decades have almost always brought the length of marriage. But somewhere along the line, we got lost.»Weener mentions the vehement anti-male, Pro-female rhetoric that so many progressive women are subjected to — and that’s the dichotomy with the HuffPo article.»If HuffPo’s feminist readers are invited to climb the company ladder and demonstrate that they are such strong and competent men, then I wonder how HuffPo justifies an echo piece in the press. Obviously, not all women want to get married. But consciously teaching women that marriage should not be one of their life goals because most men are sexist idiots is not only wrong, it’s bad:»Most men are much more beautiful than you think,»notes Venier.»And most of them are not under threat from a woman with power. She only cares if this power is being used against them or against the marriage relationship.»In italics in the original. In my heart of hearts, I suspect that progressives know very well. Otherwise, why would HuffPo recreate the list of how they did it? As columnist Patty Ann Malley puts it,»Times are changing.»People don’t.»One thing that so many women don’t want to hear is how much responsibility for the strength and unity of marriage falls on them.»If you don’t marry a rude woman,»the Venier says in italics,»what to bring to the wedding table will most likely determine the fate of your marriage.In other words, to become the kind of woman you want to marry. No sane person wants to marry a flashy harridan whose ideas for a fashion statement are a cool pink hat — unless the man is so enfeebled that he actually doesn’t want to get married. she doesn’t think it’s an attractive quality for a woman. The veneer closure advice for women who want a happy marriage is to eliminate the bitterness, competitiveness, protection, pure trivia of so many adopted women, because they think it makes them strong.It doesn’t make them strong, it makes them miserable and itchy. Itchy women are not happy, nor are their husbands (or children). After all, you could pluck up the courage to offer this advice to all young women who want to meet a man: behave like a lady, not like a feminist. The art of female power against men can also mean a lonely life ahead