Many men prefer to date girls who have been with them for a long time to reduce the number of circumstances: at school, at work, or, for example, with neighbors. This option, of course, has a right to exist, but it is often associated with a problem, business Affairs do not have the greatest impact on the career, and the girlfriend of a girl is not an ideal option for building a strong relationship. Therefore, it will be useful for boys to learn how to contact a girl on the street. Psychologists say that obscene new acquaintances do not happen. Second half it can wait anywhere, even on the street. Any knowledge includes elements of the game, so it must be carried out according to certain rules. Many young people do not know how to begin to get acquainted with a girl. The first sign that communicating with a stranger on the street can be successful is»an eye for an eye», as well as a friendly and friendly expression. This indicates that the girl liked the boy, and she drew attention to him. But many men now get lost and just drive past an indecisive mosquito. To lose such an opportunity is stupid, you must take it. If a boy is thinking about where to find girls, then just leave the house. Dating on the street is a complex and promising business at the same time, because girls can be met here in a completely different way. The difficulties of communication are that you need to act quickly and confidently, without disappointing a beautiful stranger. Otherwise, she will simply leave and continue on her way. When I meet a girl who values not only the behavior, but also the appearance of the boy. It is he who characterizes it in the first place. It is important not only to look elegant, but also to be clean and well-groomed. Soft clothing and dirty shoes are unlikely to lead to such a choice. If a boy does not know how to meet a girl, he needs to work on the first sentence. This is important, since the first words will be the beginning of communication.

On the road, girls often think about themselves, about women, so they can not immediately respond to an appeal to them. Before contacting a stranger, it is recommended to shout out their smile and make eye contact. The first sentence should be as effective as possible and respect certain rules: If a boy wants to understand how to get acquainted with girls, then he needs to learn the main thing: trust you, unconsciously, the interlocutor should get answers to the following questions: If a girl is sure that communication will not cause her problems, then she will definitely a cute, energetic boy will be interesting. She can talk about her place of study or work so that the other person can learn a little more. It is not so important to know, in any case, where you should be sure that the reason for your interest was extremely clear. If the main long-term goal of communication is not to ask the girl to smoke a cigarette or ask what time it is. Ideally-when the girl is initially in a good mood and responds well to jokes. This means that she liked this person, and she was willing to communicate with him. But in order to enjoy this success, you need to know the right way to meet a girl and constantly work on yourself. Boys often get lost in situations where a girl claims to communicate, but there are visible signs of empathy emerging. If the stranger does not show emotion, you need to look for interest in her. Feeling confident, she should know not only how to get to know the girl well, but also what to do in case of a mistake. If positive the result is still no, and the girl continues to communicate»by car», it is best to end the conversation, referring to the occupation or urgency, and ask the stranger for a phone number. On the contrary, it should not be a question, but a statement. The young person should note that he will be happy to continue his knowledge thanks to a Cup of coffee. Maybe next time the girl will be in a better mood, and she will answer her boyfriend. Now young people should spend a lot of time on the Internet and various social networks. In this regard, boys should not forget that even there you can meet girls. But if young people think that it is enough to send a message and the girl continues to communicate immediately, then I am very confused. The technique of getting acquainted with»VC»is quite complex, since it is necessary to attract attention and stand out from hundreds of other reports.

It is important to have a good picture

Not all girls want to respond if they have no idea about the account owner. Don’t use avatars for images of movie characters, this approach does not lead to success with inscriptions or images of animals. The girl does not hear the voice, the aura does not hear, so the first impression she will make on the photos. The section»About I»should be particularly full, and especially interesting boring lines do not attract attention. You can specify highlights that have occurred in your life, and describe your Hobbies and Hobbies. Don’t forget to have a sense of humor, but too much to go too far without impressing the fool. If the form is filled out and a photo is selected, then you can start working. First of all, you need to select the page of the girl who will become a»victim». The first letter should be written in such a way that it attracts and interests You, in connection with the desire to continue communicating. If she smiles as she reads the message, success is almost achieved. Keywords of this type:»Hi, what are you doing? Hello, how are you? It must be removed from the Arsenal immediately. The most that you can bring is an answering syllable, which will be it is very difficult to develop interesting and lively communication. The message must consist of several sentences. If a boy has problems with grammar, then it is worth checking it carefully, at least for the first time, so that there are no errors. Girls not only laugh, but also irritate and repel. To find out what is better to write, you should study the page of the selected one, read its profile and its status. You can often say a lot about the opinions, moods and feelings of a girl. If the questionnaire lists your favorite movies, you can write something like»Hello, Ugly». In search of a connection, I went to this site and found it. I like to go to the movies, I invite you to the movies, and then you can have a delicious tea in the bar. The text, of course, varies depending on the girl in the hobby. It would be nice to back up your words with photos, so that the story looks plausible. Then the girl will go to the page and see a reliable person to have fun with friends and enjoy life. Often young people turn the figure of a psychologist with the question:»I’m afraid to meet girls, what should I do?»If, by nature, such a gift does not exist, then you will have to constantly leave your comfort zone. At first, cotton-wool feet, increased sweating and stuttering will cause the boy to become completely numb, but over time he will learn to control these processes and will not panic. Any overcoming of his fears and weaknesses is a step towards freedom and self-confidence. To understand how to meet girls, start with yourself. Daily communication and training with different girls is the way to success. To communicate more with the opposite sex, you need to find a motivating excuse. Do not flirt with all the familiar and unknown young women, you can only communicate in a friendly way. Such communication can also give you courage and confidence in your abilities. If you have little or no knowledge of how to teach boys from girls, you can use active listening tactics. It is necessary to ask more questions, which the girl will be happy to answer