A fan named Miguel, who came to Russia to support the Mexican national team, met a girl in the country hosting the world Cup, with whom he decided to marry after a month of meetings, the newspaper writes.»He was very kind and respectful,»says Kristina, a girl working as a cosmetologist who couldn’t resist a Mexican fan, made her proposal on red square in time to arrive.»So I fell in love with him.»Kristina did not want to reveal her last name, but also to tell other acute details of the affair, explaining that these were personal matters that, moreover, could be misinterpreted by her compatriots. The arrival of hundreds of thousands of men from foreign countries, many of whom shared fleeting stories with Russian girls, sparked a serious debate about the role of women and their rights in Russia — a society in which women still live sensual humor dominates. Numerous commentators harshly criticized Russia for having romantic relationships with foreigners, saying that it undermines the country’s moral foundations and threatens the genetic structure of the nation. When the world first began, Russian parliamentarian Tamara Pletna advised me to avoid having Affairs with foreigners, if after nine months they do not want to be alone with their children in their arms. He added that the problem becomes even more serious if the man with whom the girl is connected is a representative of another race. Kristina says that the world Cup should be a bellwether for Russian men, whose average life expectancy is only years, and their health is threatened by drinking alcohol and Smoking.»Better for yourself, for the other girls who didn’t leave,»Kristina said.»- Foreigners approach girls in a completely different way.

Then the Mexican decided to appeal to passersby and at first, who helped, she became beautiful a girl, which immediately caught his attention.»She told me that she would show me the right direction and that she would pass by. I asked her out to lunch with me, and she said no, but she gave me her phone number. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t see her and talk to her. It’s hard to explain, but I fell in love,»the young man said. A few days later, the girl called Yekaterinburg, where her parents live. According to the Mexican, Kristina’s relatives were humble, ordinary citizens. The relationship developed so much that one fan also missed the decisive match of the national team of Mexico against Brazil in the quarterfinals of the world Cup. After the Aztecs match, Miguel flew home, but only to return to Russia again. On the day of the final between Croatia and France, he flew to Moscow to ask for the girl’s hand, and she didn’t think twice. The boy said that his mother had warned him to be reasonable about the Russians.»I am not a stupid person. At first I thought so too, that meeting a beautiful girl was just a passing excitement, but over time I realized that it was something real. When her mother found out that this happened, I advise you to be careful, because, according to her, these Russians can sell me authority,»she says with a young laugh. Now, Miguel Minoru never stops sharing rolls of his love story on his Facebook page to get a lot of opinions. Some of the young man’s compatriots believe that Russian residents are interested in any foreigner, as well as their motivation solely to move from their distant country.»Well, Yes, I’m a ‘good story’ too. Russian girls stupidly want to leave their country, and there are even dozens of agencies for meetings with foreigners, where they offer themselves.»Hey, I should have gone to Russia.»Yeah, well, it’s the same bullshit about getting married after just a month of Dating.»Easy to find, just as easy to lose.

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Hey. Our cultures are the same.»Well, no, I don’t like it. Russian girls are like Cubans. They invite anyone from their network, and then go to a foreign country. And all this is an illusion. Yes, the guy with the greatest hero of all our Mexican football players.

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