Mexican multicolored blend of Spanish, Indian and Caribbean cultures. Vacation on the best beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, ancient monuments of mysterious civilizations and diving on the island of Cozumel, tequila, excellent cuisine and a fiery disco, all this in colorful Mexico.

It offers tourists to dive into the times of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, enjoy the beauty of colonial architecture and the grandeur of modern buildings. The contrast is drawn with the character of the country. Here are all the volcanoes, deserts, white sandy beaches and coral reefs. And who has never dreamed of visiting some of the Mexican carnival passions and trying tequila? And all this in a year-round environment in summer. Today, Mexico is a unique and brilliant intertwining of the past and present. This land in an amazing combination of dense jungles, fabulous plains, mountains and volcanoes, fantastic landscapes and an elegant pyramid. It is a proud and open country of people, bright colors and rich history will undoubtedly surprise you and win you over with its hospitality. In their temperament and character, Mexicans are very similar to the Portuguese, telling stories and legends. Mexicans, they do not suffer from any form of ridicule, considering that it degrades their dignity. Mexican warm and passionate men are capable of very strong feelings that sincerely love and give this feeling about themselves. At the same time, they have mobs of jealousy that sometimes cross the border and manifest themselves in violence against women. Their Mexican wife can mark the territory of any passer-by, and jealousy can also manifest itself in an empty place. For Mexicans, it is better to look ridiculous, to be recognized as a cuckold, and even he can not stand ridicule from any side.

Children for Mexicans are really the flowers of life

Love for children cannot be measured by any structures that have the same rights in the family as adults, and enjoy full responsibility for their children.


Recently, there has been a large flow of Mexicans who are interested in marrying European women