In a new column,»My planet»asks Italian questions from around the world. In the second edition Alina from Moscow he talks about living in the country burritos and hats of Mexico. I must have been an Indian in my previous life. How else to explain my passion for Central and South America? Since childhood, I have been interested in the culture and history of America, as well as how I wanted to see the remains of an Indian city in the first person, not in books. My specialty is translation from English, I also know Spanish. I was once offered a job as a tour guide in Mexico. I went to an unknown country full of trust, which I like. First for a year, then for a third. I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to live here. Here is a good Spanish phrase about traveling. I quote: Choose a route, not a routine. Where my last name is Castro, and again. You fell in love and married a Mexican. His name is David Castro.

In Mexico, the sense of nepotism is more developed. In Russia, there are strong family ties, usually between close relatives. But in Mexico, the family is everything: grandparents, aunts, nephews, cousins. The crowd gathers at the dinners, weekends and holidays. They are happy and sad together. Here the family is sacred. (My planet first wrote about the peculiarities of the Mexican mentality). In the Mexican family, there is a classic division of responsibilities. I have a delicious kitchen and I put comfort, a husband of heavy artillery. And my husband and I both work. In General, real Mexicans. They love beautiful women, they eat, protect their loved ones, with restraint. A criminal country in Mexico, that’s true. But it all depends on the region to the region. Well-protected tourist destinations. On the border with the UN States, of course, this can be dangerous. My criminal Mexico glorifies the higher powers. He didn’t touch it. I live the same way as I live in Moscow. It is better not to watch the Mexican news. We live in Cancun, in a gated community with private security and good infrastructure. This is a popular and safer type of housing. A little far from the city, where there is no fuss and close to nature. Recently, more and more people are moving to Mexican. Buy real estate, have children, get a passport. Yes, and Mexicans are good here: in the US, they mostly manage criminal elements. But a century and a half ago, Mexico had twice as many people as California, Arizona, Texas, new Mexico, and other States. Now many Mexican families live there. And these are ordinary citizens who are relatives here. We would like to continue communicating, despite the policy. Mexicans have a positive attitude towards Russians. They respect Vladimir Putin. I adore. Ordinary citizens also like it, especially the female half. They say that there are many beautiful, intelligent women in the world. The word»smart»is underlined. Let the Mexicans still think about Russia and the Russians, please consult our material topic. How to distinguish a good guide from a charlatan. It is nice to be able to introduce yourself, communicate with tourists, with a soul that relates to work. In my opinion, the profession of a tourist guide is not a speciality, but a vocation, lifestyle, and moral impulse. If you feel I feel like a great guide. Not work management. But I miss it. Work for me is not only a way to earn money, but also an opportunity to get positive emotions. That you can buy a hundred pesos in Mexico. Two tickets to the movies. Bottle of tequila. MB of mobile Internet. Machine wash in action. Five minutes of phone conversation with Moscow. Lunch in one of the cheap cafeterias. Burritos with food for tourists. Not a typical Mexican dish. Main course tacos: corn tortillas wrapped in meat, onions, and tomatoes. And be sure to pepper sauce. What we used to call serious Mexicans is here called a telenovela. Many of them.

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And modern Viking broadcasts don’t take off here. The first three things to know about Mexico: beautiful nature, ancient traditions, similar to the Russian mentality. And three bad guys: the Aztecs were cannibals, the Mexicans are better at playing soccer, and if a Mexican talks (Now, for a minute), then never. (Stereotypes about the country and culture its inhabitants, a collection of»My planet»). Considering that it’s a popular death in Mexico. It’s not like that. Only on the Day of the Dead, which is full of symbols of skulls and skeletons. At the national level, there are commemorations in honor of relatives who have died in the afterlife. Happy family holiday. The skull reflects the Mexican attitude to death. They say that they are not afraid of you, and that they never separate their souls. I try to go to Russia every year. I like summer and early autumn. Do not flour. They have time to enjoy their homeland (to find out what five things are missing for Russians who have emigrated abroad, you can read the article of the same name in»My planet»). If you put the Mexican sun on Russia, it becomes Mexico. This will change the appearance of Russians, their mentality, architecture, and nature. Russia is just as beautiful as you are. I like living there and here. Living in another country creates new habits. I became more tolerant and calm. I’ve learned to accept people as they are. My favorite nature. But I still have the same problem Alina Sagittarius, only now de Castro