The contrast of the modern metropolis with the world of ancient Indians, and the mix of different cultures is Mexico. You can talk about it a lot, and a year isn’t long enough to know it. Perhaps it is better to stay and live in Mexico, as Tatiana did, since she is I moved from Moscow to this Sunny country. Let yourself be inspired by the interesting story of Tatiana’s move to Mexico, her life experience and advice on professional recreation in this country. I am Tanya, born and raised in Moscow. During her training as a journalist and photographer, she graduated from the faculty of journalism of the state University with a degree in photojournalism. And I’ve been living in Mexico for ten years now. I’ve got your business here, two kids with dual citizenship, and a Mexican husband. I always wanted to be a photographer, and when I entered journalism At the University of MOSCOW, a long and unusual, exotic country began to attract me, because I saw in my wallet its professors and fellow students in photography from all over the world. At one of the photo seminars in Europe, I met a Mexican photographer, Raul. He’s an acquaintance and took me to Mexico. Who would have thought that in ten years I would be living in Mexico, we would get married, we would have two children and a family. Easiest way obtaining a residence permit and then citizenship of Mexico is a Union with a Mexican or the birth of a child on the territory of the country. You can also reside in the country for at least five years with official workplace registration, and then apply for citizenship. Or you can make an investment in the country’s economy and obtain Mexican citizenship.

Life in Mexico is very different. For example, here we live in spacious houses, not apartments. Children’s education and paid medicine. Public transport is not developing, everything is on foot. Education and, therefore, a good job available to everyone, hence the difference in social class. Also agree that it is not expensive to have a housekeeper and nanny, since they are people of a different socio-economic level.

We need to see everything

It will take you at least one year to see all the sights of Mexico. In winter, it is better to go to the coast, in summer-to the center of the country and to the city.


Summer in Mexico the rainy season, hurricanes and torrential rains can continue in the ocean. And the winter in the city is too cold, the sea will be more comfortable.

They don’t need a visa

Now we use a free electronic solution, which can be done online on the Embassy’s website. They say that its cancellation is coming soon. Work only with a work permit, this must be done before entering the country at the invitation of the employer. Knowledge of Spanish and English is required. In tourist regions, such as the Caribbean, the courage to look for a job in tourism. Mexicans and things like that, and they’re not like the Russians. The main difference is to postpone everything until tomorrow, and never be punctual, either at work or in your personal life. This has never been boasted of, friendship and smiles, which are nothing more than a manifestation of civilization, and not friendship, as many initially think Russian. A society of classes in which their standard of living and attitude to the environment depend on the type of social class to which they belong. Hence and so-called racism, but in order to emphasize the level of income. In this case, Mexicans are very familiar, husbands and responsible parents. And, of course, foreign Mexicans love and adore white leather. If you are in Europe-much better. The United States and the Americans don’t like it here either, and neither do we. Mexican patriots, don’t you dare criticize my country out loud. Do not try to feed them or cakes, they prefer tacos-a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine. It must be a white girl with blue eyes and then her Mexican husband at her feet.) In fact, as everywhere, you need to look for your man with a similar character and life plans. Education is divided into private schools and public schools. It is mandatory to attend the first grade of secondary school. Public schools are considered much weaker in the private sector, there are often full classes, there are no teachers, the behavior of students can not be controlled — you can see many children from the poorest and most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Private gardens in Mexico, schools and universities are very pleasant. The child is not respected, half the day is taught in English, half the day-in Spanish. They often teach us more: music, art, and science in English. Or alternative systems: constructivism. Private schools in Mexico, you will find them for every taste and purse. Children are taken there by car — a special nanny helps children get out of the car and go to school, on a stretch tube in front of the school gate, and all parents can bring their children in time. Because they start their morning classes. The answer to this question will not be possible. Mexican cuisine, thanks to its variety, follows the traditions and richness of taste recipes included in the UNESCO world heritage list on a par with the French. I recommend that you try typical dishes in each region, especially in the markets that are open on certain days of the week. Tasting links: Ambassador, mole, guacamole, numerous tropical fruits and ice cream. Journeys an incomparable experience enriches our inner world, makes us more tolerant of a different way of life, and opens up new horizons in the world and for ourselves. My dream is to start traveling all over Mexico and talk about it on my blog. Logic is a reliable assistant on vacation in Mexico. In Mexico, wherever it’s dangerous, it’s not true; in Mexico, it’s safe to lie. Focus on the forum, local authorities, and your instincts. The same useful intuition for you when choosing a place for dinner. Given the fun of the crowd to enjoy this place, it’s definitely delicious, cheap, and you don’t risk getting drunk