I try to write more about your experience, rather than rewriting the articles here. What I saw as I listened and wrote. We arrived in December and March for five months. This applies to August. Cancun is an ideal place for winter. Air temperature twenty-five nights, thirty days, sea. Very beautiful sea and sand, and sand under the hot sun. Dark of fun, a lot of places are relatively expensive (it would have taken a month for two). Cancun is a resort and hospitable city. The main tourist center of the Caribbean sea. The population is about six hundred inhabitants, the city is not small, but not where you want to go. Basically, the floors in the house. For two areas: for locals and tourists — it is a braid of miles along the sea — almost all tourists live and move from there. We live fifteen minutes from the center, a large square (next to a bar and shopping center). We are usually forty minutes away from the beach, all beaches in the global zone. A visa is practically not needed, an electronic visa is issued — just fill out the form on the Embassy’s website and print it out. And a visa, but you must check with the airline before you leave, whether they support e-visas (not all runways are suitable). Theoretically, you can fly from all the airlines on the list. The visa gives you the right to live for a few days, then you can leave the country and fly again for a few days — ideal conditions. A residence permit can be revoked, and since this is not difficult in connection with the opening of an activity, you can do so if you wish. Having a residence permit, You can participate in events, buy cars, motorcycles, open a Bank account, and get discounts on some entertainment. Fly in the same direction. We do not need a visa to search and shop in Schengen, we did not pass passport control in Frankfurt, but in Ukraine we even more doubted our financial security, because suddenly we do not go to Europe. Transplant through the country UN You may require a visa from the countries of the United Nations — be careful. Luxury buses leave the airport during the day, and at night there are only taxis for twenty people. Unto the city lots of buses. People from the beach arrive at the bus stop. Taxi to the center, from the fourth beach. Railways are not developed. We rent through the night king, twenty-five days. Hotel in forty, near the beach. Long-term accommodation: a month found for three days (Studio apartment, very small), not easy-December is the hottest season (arrived), peak-Natal (December). Wanted: street-asked for a discount on the site for places (learned from a travel trader) that can search for entries on the street, but rarely respond. Although it is very desirable to know English, accommodation is even the most difficult, which requires conversation. And already in January, they found a large apartment for a month, at home, with a large corridor and a small courtyard (never sitting on it). Washing machines are a rarity. -hour Laundry service. It will not be easy for the team to calm down. Houses for rent: — month.

Buying a home: a great house or apartment. Car: purchase b, in Ukraine, as well as the twenty. Scooter and mini-car: buy nine hundred. Our consumption for two people: one month. Uncategorized expenses: business, charity. First schedule and second schedule: for the month of December, how long-term housing was rented: according to the daily schedule, homeless (one month). Third schedule: the first days before long-term rental housing (for the night), without flights and trains to Kiev for two. Which includes: everything you need for life. What is included: (Yes three GB), first for the apartment (kitchen utensils, bedding all in the house, products: spices, salt.), parties, gifts, some things, visit to the motorcycle island, magic shows. the local only knows Spanish. Few people speak English on average. Sometimes elementary locals know the word in English. But we have been here for a month now, and you can live without knowing the language, although it is often fun, but I teach for an hour a day. Today you have placed an order in a restaurant, and wi-fi is provided without gestures, all in Spanish. All that down below the United STATES (except Brazil) — all are Latin American, so I decided that learning the language here would be interesting and useful. Although my plans were not. I will write about this separately. You can go dancing (and not knowing the language), Boxing, in a rocking chair.

Learn to dance salsa

You can also learn Spanish with an English language Film tutor at the cinema. Books in English — buy only via the Internet. Plus: helicopter flights, swimming with dolphins (types), swimming with sharks, scuba diving, diving, museums, boats, fishing, jet skis, trampolines, Jogging, scuba fishing, tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, Golf and mini Golf, kitesurfing, Windsurfing, surfing, Board for motosurfing, big rolls. Beautiful beaches (ten exactly the same sites), nearby Islands (near-bike rental), nearby cities (big places with history), the pyramid (Mayan ruins are different), fantastic amusement parks (cool Park, never seen one in my life). About written communication — with people only in Spanish. Tourists come mainly in a few weeks, as we have few of them. There aren’t many foreigners at all. We met some guys from Ukraine, and we talked to them more.

It’s still enough

A typical Mexican Mayan is small, short, cm tall, without a neck, with a flat stomach or other weight, with a plain face. Travel agencies say that English-speaking guides and sellers are very necessary — Russian tourists do not even know English.»There are some problems with them,»as the tourist salesman told us. But it is better not to have a tourist and work visa. If the police find a job, they will be deported. You can make about a thousand dollars if you sign up. Poor quality of services: manicure, pedicure, painting — girls suffer. In General, in the premises, not everything is distinguished between diligence and quality. You can go to work and live. And, in General, according to my own impressions and not only, the club is not particularly smart and it is not exactly time-consuming, as the Russians are very much superior to each other in this sense. And because»our»people live poorer (judging by GDP). Russians (Russians and Ukrainians) are simply geniuses. I don’t like the local cuisine. The products are fairly standard. A little more fruits and vegetables are unfamiliar to us. Traditionally, there is no buckwheat. Not so much grain, cereals and milk, everything is bad. Go in and it seems that all Mexicans, except for chips and snacks, drink Coca — do not eat anything. The coffee (like the canteens) served completes the meal, but I don’t like it. Pizza hammock for ten people. Coffee. The restaurants are great, but not great. TOP-dinner was held in restaurants: Spanish, European and Indian cuisine. Restaurants are mostly air-conditioned for important jobs (in India we only drank one coffee). They are still together, but definitely more expensive than Russia or Ukraine. Massage of fifty good professionals is not much, but if there is — more expensive. In General, Mexico is much more dangerous than Ukraine or Russia. But other than that Cancun very touristic — here for this is strictly observed, they often patrol with rifles. A friend a year or never met. And we, under the window of the house, on the first day tried to steal a woman, so I stick to these schedules: I get inside: — eight in the morning, let’s say, I run (prepare for the half marathon), listen to an audiobook and Breakfast, work during working hours. During the day, we go somewhere or to the beach, if today on the beach, at lunch we go, if I’m not going to work in a nearby cafeteria. At night, I still read, work, and teach Spanish (for an hour a day). I go to bed every hour. We live, we like the weather, we work, we learn Spanish, we learn English, we learn to write articles like now, I read, I run. Bar — there is usually (average). There is no Internet in bars and streets.

May be

Here you can stay and live, but for now I don’t have to make a choice. After you learn Spanish, you will be the same as yours. There is something to do, good weather, the airport. If you suddenly want to start a tourist business-here is the ideal place