Before getting married — get to know your family, learn more about work and housing, find out the income level and social class of the future spouse. In Mexico, this is extremely important. Think about your child’s future status. When divorce is a frequent problem with the liquidation of children — if the child was born in a marriage with a Mexican, you can only take it out of Mexico with the written permission of the father — which is not always possible with such a permit. Tell us about the quality if you want to be in the country as a tourist, not as an immigrant with FM form, as an immigrant with FM form two, or if you want to get Mexican citizenship. There are cases when after a few years of marriage, the wife pays for the documents of the husband’s wife, and he forgets about it for a whole year. Such cases should be excluded. If you plan to work in Mexico. If so, then you need to learn the language (and more Spanish, but also English), prepare your own language and may need proof of your degrees. If you want to study in Mexico. To study, You may need a diploma, a translation of a University course program. While everyone is in love and full of romance, I do not think, but in practice, to come to a foreign country, you need to take care of your well-being in advance. A very good marriage for both spouses. Here there is not only a similarity of national temperaments and characters, but also a constant novelty of feelings and relationships, since they need both partners. Differences in culture, habits, and behavior not only do not have a negative impact on marriage, but, on the contrary, strengthen their own. A fair Union is one in which the leadership has passed to some of the spouses, depending on the situation and specific circumstances. There is no rivalry here. This marriage will be successful even when it did not make much sense between the spouses. For the stability of the marriage is enough heartfelt attachment, common interests and lack of a short leash. This Union will be more or less different from a free relationship. And even if some of the spouses have the courage to cheat, this will only help compared to admitting their mistake: of course, the spouse will be much better off. They are not very important for the stability of the material marriage and family aspects of the case. This marriage will be successful if our wife is slightly older than her partner. Astrologers from different European countries have studied this question, representatives of Which zodiac signs are most often divorced. A woman should make it clear from the first minute to her future husband that she is interested in the legitimacy of his position and wants to look after him. The husband should explain: he is in a foreign country, wants to become a wife, but various abuses around him are such that he is worried and afraid of getting into some trouble, when he is sure that he is with his husband, but needs to be trusted, and that he is not in a bad situation situations. For a long time, he must return to this problem, pay attention to how the person reacts. The analysis shows that the main problems arise in the case of limited contact, but not in the case of spending on new wives. Cruelty (even a certain stinginess) is not such a terrible Vice. And this restriction of contacts is a sign of psychological violence. Hello, we are going to marry a Mexican.

We’ve been in touch for a long time. I was visiting this summer, and now I plan to move to Mexico, and we want to formalize our relationship. Please tell me where to start and what documents you need to prepare here in Russia.

I would be very grateful

Anna, in any case, bring your diploma and get ready. To get married in Mexico, all you need is a passport. A love I’ve had for twenty-five years. My favorite is from Puebla, twenty-six years old. He has an engineering degree and works in a major international company. We will be married in December of this year in Russia, in Moscow, in the Palace. We’re going to Mexico, we’re going to the Catholic Church. We will live separately from his family, most likely, we will wander together (occupational deformity). I study Spanish in Moscow, then in Mexico (I want to find courses). From what I know, if we register a marriage in Russia because the marriage was valid in Mexico, then it is enough to translate the testimony of the place of issue into Spanish.

This is true)

So far, I didn’t understand the types of forms in the country very well. What is the reception procedure and rights and obligations in FM and FM). It is worth signing a prenuptial agreement, and what items should be prescribed with special care, so that there are no problems later). This citizenship will be a child if we have it in Mexico. If the child can reach the age of majority, it is necessary to change the Russian citizenship). If I protect my interests under the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the event of a divorce (PA-PA-PA). Anyone who remains a child will not allow him (at this time — forever) to enter the Church without his father’s permission. Russia.) In addition to my high school diploma, diploma and Spanish language, which documents can be useful for me in Mexico, and it is also better to do in Russia before leaving). Along with the wedding gifts from my family, he will have to bring a lot of things. Besides the Luggage on the plane, what else can he do (from his office)). It is better to carry currency with you by putting a Bank card in euros or dollars. I’ve heard that he’s working with a Mexican Bank. Yaroslav, good morning then and seriously you have a training session — work and need), see what I can answer and still hope that the rest of the group will vote). For a marriage registered in RUSSIA and valid abroad (in Mexico), the legalization of a marriage certificate, i.e. apostille affixing, is required.

It’s true

Translation into Spanish is best done together with an apostille and certified). A resident’s form, which means obtaining citizenship within five years (i.e, the need to obtain it if You if you intend to obtain Mexican citizenship), as well as the form provides only the possibility of temporary stay in Mexico (can be extended), is not a long-term immigration visa, is allowed only to stay in the country, but does not give the right to obtain a residence permit or permanent citizenship and may not constitute treason to obtain such rights. The number of years that a foreigner has lived in Mexico to obtain a visa is not taken into account when converting it to resident status.) The marriage contract specifies the form of property acquired in the marriage (in particular, received as a gift or in the order of inheritance).) If the child is going to be born in Mexico, he acquires Mexican citizenship. The nationality and nationality of the husband in this case does not matter. As a citizen of the Russian Federation, You can also obtain Russian citizenship for your child, and in this case Your spouse will have to give written consent to the acquisition child’s citizenship of the Russian Federation. To do this, you will need to apply to the Consulate with an application. For application forms, see the website of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Mexico. Russian citizenship is required for a child if you plan to travel to Russia with them in the future. After receiving citizenship on the basis of a decision to grant citizenship to a child, the child will be enrolled in the passport. A child born in Mexico is mostly Mexican by birth, and must have a national birth certificate — if you specify the father and mother of a Mexican child, then from now on, you can no longer ignore their parental rights, which is possible only to a judge for clear violations of the rights of the child. -The Mexican citizenship law allows for dual citizenship, and here it is necessary to emphasize the need to convince the father and mother of the child to consent to the elimination of Russian citizenship) if a child born in Mexico does not give Russian citizenship, the child can enter the Russian Federation in the following cases: as a foreign-speaking citizen-for obtaining a visa. It should be noted that some airlines require the spouse’s consent for the child’s trip to be registered at the airport. It is recommended that you give your consent for the child’s flight in advance to understand the airline’s requirements). The Constitution of the Russian Federation protects all citizens of the Russian Federation. Questions about who the child is left with and how hard it will be to cope with them, as well as answers to them, depend on many factors