Hi, I keep trying not to be myself

No cheating

Hi, I’m looking for a wife and family, I hug you, I kiss you with love, and I don’t want to lie, cheat or be dishonest with you I want to get married I’m not afraid to show my love anytime, wherever I am. I am a landscape architect living in Sacramento, California. For example, go to the beach or to the mountains on weekends. Like Hiking, bowling, going to the movies, running around looking for a beautiful lady to do these things. I’m thirty-one years old and going to College, and my main focus is cooking. I am looking for a beautiful woman who to meet and start a relationship with Hello, you can call me Kool To, I need a girl from the UK for a girl and I hope she will become my wife. We we can make friends to know if we are compatible before we start getting more serious. Hi, I’m learning German and that’s why I’m here, and I would love to visit German in the future, and maybe one day I will find my love here: it will be a great lol, so let’s answer, ask anything you want. I am looking for girls from other countries, be my French fries, talk about us, about life, songs, videos, books, movies, gadgets, food, toys, anything.

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