In addition, the provision of Internet services in Mexico is monopolized and divided, God forbid, between the three companies still have Internet and not a dedicated line, and for the same, where there is TV signal system (for UNITED STATES), the consequence of these two factors is the high cost of Internet services (compared to Russians), and the call quality is not very good.

If you have mastered Spanish, you can walk around the Mexican sites and demonstrate it clearly. For example, the alarming underdevelopment in this area again mentions a site with urban bus districts of Guadalajara: in this country, it is almost impossible to find on the Internet. The only thing that saved us and is to some extent focused on Guadalajara is where, by the way, it is not from most institutions.

It seems that only advanced entrepreneurs have learned how to use the Internet and somehow tell about themselves

Yes, being in this city that I take seriously, that has a significantly worse option for research that I haven’t seen in my life, nevertheless, it’s one of the best places for the country. Also their popular message Board is In General, if you eat the knowledge of Spanish and the patience to work with Mexicans, you can safely grab the Mexican market, because it’s empty. According to my observations, the most popular one among us is the one that works as a Bulletin Board, not as a Dating site, etc, etc, etc. I think that the most popular one there will like another type of website sales, ticket ordering, taxi ordering (that not all taxis have their own website, so it is not a form of ordering work at home, for this, in most cases, you need to call), charging your mobile phone (there was a site with this service, but so tight that I wanted to manage it like prostitutes, and not use their services) And another positive thing about the Internet in Mexico is that almost all the products that are sold in stores are on your social network page, and even on the bus there is your Twitter and Facebook page.

I don’t understand what it’s for, apparently because of that