It probably depends on the country, in Mexico, where this husband is older than the wife for many years, especially among older generations. Among the young and middle-aged, there are many peers or boys older than two years. I have three married couples with a difference of years. I don’t know any couples with your husband’s older wife. My husband said that for Mexico, as a rule, the wife of her younger husband. I don’t pretend to have the truth, I write about what I saw, Yes, I’m alive in Mexico, I’m married to a Mexican woman. Yes, the story is simple, we met on the Internet, I found myself in Mexico on vacation, which I wanted here, and decided to talk to Mexicans, get to know the country by word of mouth. Then the communication turned to sympathy, and they decided to meet in real life. Well, after the actual dates we decided to try to build a relationship, and I moved to Mexico. I came as a tourist on a telematics resolution, and it can be reported in Mexico any day. But the border guard can reduce the number of days at his discretion, I read on the forum that girls are allowed not days, but only. And in Mexico, we got married so that I could get a residence PERMIT, there was also an option to issue a work visa (through a friend), but we decided to get married, I (. in Mexico city) live with a friend. long.

She likes. He says it’s dangerous in some places, but nothing for them. She lived with her husband and son for a while in Lima (where her husband works), but she decided to return despite a good contract. Because in Mexico they are better off, I was surprised by the large number of street vendors selling everywhere, even on the streets, especially when there is a pipe. Street vendors sell: sweets, water, juices, Newspapers, snacks and others the truck where their article is distributed. And all salesmen with trucks, so as not to shout, have a reader for whom they record an advertisement for the product, or with a special sound where people can understand who you are: a salesman or a knife sharpener. So, on the streets, sometimes very noisy. There are still a lot of jugglers, clowns, musicians who want to wash Windows in cars and beggars on the streets, especially on the streets, so we, Tycho, have closed areas with security. But the problem is that criminals can also steal a good place. How do you live there? I have a friend who went to Mexico, and on the second day he was beaten and attacked by local teenagers, and he was armed to the teeth. It was the police who went to the local police station without any explanation, without any explanation, and released him only two weeks later, when our Embassy intervened. He said that the attitude of the locals and the guardianship of the law towards foreigners is disgusting and very cold, especially a disgusting country, it refers to the Russians, and at night in disadvantaged areas, you can hear gunshots. How they learned to survive.

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