The topic of this article has been forming in my head recently, but the prerequisites for it have been appearing for a long time. The fact is that after the publication of my criticism about after emigrating to Mexico, I began to receive letters from girls asking me to recommend Dating sites where you can meet Mexicans, tell them more about the character of local men, it is a little difficult to get citizenship, get married in Mexico, and much more. So I decided to write a separate article and easily share the possibility of marrying a Mexican woman, and that, in fact, such a Union can be expected. On the first point. Married Mexican women go out quite difficult, just as nervous Mexican women refer to the appearance of Slavic girls, especially blondes with blue eyes, green or gray eyes, with light skin and without any prejudice to marrying with foreign women. I have been asked several times to personally meet Russian friends or acquaintances who have serious relationships. You can get acquainted with Mexicans on a Dating site or come to the country for more than a week’s vacation. Very sociable and lively local and foreign men attract attention where they are not recover. To marry a Mexican, you only need a passport and a birth certificate with apostille, and if Your name in the passport differs from the name indicated in the birth certificate, divorce certificate with apostille or other document confirming the change of surname. After marriage registration, you can submit documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit, which is issued for two years and gives you the right to live, work and study in the national territory. After two years, You can exchange a permanent residence permit, which is issued for life and entitles you to almost everything except political activity or citizenship. Depending on your preferences. On the second point, as in my opinion, it seems to me too subjective and comes down to my personal experience and the experience of some of my Russian friends who live here. I decided to ask about this directly from Russian girls who emigrated to Mexico, most of them were married to Mexicans, or when they were. That’s why I wrote a message in the Facebook group, clarifying your questions. Please note that my note sparked heated discussions and debates, and I received messages from more than thirty girls who shared their experiences and opinions on this topic. After booking, the purpose of the article is not to arouse women’s interest in marriage with foreigners, as one girl commented on Facebook (their warm-UPS are not necessary, judging by the number of questions in my humble blog), but to show the realities that they are again facing in a foreign country. If there is enough information on the Internet in Europe and America, then Mexicans seem to be brutal machos, they attract the attention of our girls. Almost all of the girls noted that Mexican men are able to take care, say congratulations, are emotional in expressing feelings (the expression of Mexican passion did not appear out of thin air), it is distinguished by a positive attitude to life. Besides, Mexicans are very familiar with people. They are responsible parents who love their children and spend a lot of time with them. They are also closely related to their wife. As, in principle, their parents, sisters, and brothers. Family is important to Mexicans. And this is a great advantage. On this issue, the girls opinions are divided, with two planets opposing all men. But some differences can still be distinguished. For example, as already mentioned, Mexicans are more emotional, positive, with a lot of developed empathy, and Russians are more sober men in the expression of feelings. Despite all their coldness, the most romantic Russian men are able to create a festive atmosphere, presenting a gift, a surprise, giving flowers and jewelry. The more practical Mexicans are, they buy more practical gifts, they prefer to invest in real estate, cars, household items, children’s goods, than in luxury goods and women’s whims. Important for a couple of dates, they are like usually scheduled for visiting restaurants, and are not considered as an excuse for gifts and flowers. Mexicans are very family-friendly and try to spend their free time with their wife and children. Therefore, do not get drunk after work and on weekends in the company of men, do not come home drunk and devote this time to your family. Of course, there are exceptions on both sides, but this trend is being observed. Mexican men are very attached to their mothers, continue to listen to them throughout their lives, and the mother, in turn, when trying to protect her child on her own, including her wife, can also apply for financial assistance or maintenance. In this regard, Russian wives are very important for establishing friendly relations with their mother-in-law, otherwise life will not be possible. Perhaps because of this, by Russian standards, many Mexicans already have enough. Even girls talk about a certain Mexican superficiality, about the depth of Russian male consciousness. Yes, Russian a woman’s soul is not so easily understood by a man of any nationality. The most common answer to this question was MACHISM. To give a more precise definition of this term, I asked dictionaries. Here machismo (from the Spanish letters»masculine») characterizes a special male position, due to pride, vanity, a sense of superiority of the male over the female, the belief that a woman must depend on a man and can not have equal rights. Machismo is not a professional-a sexy man, it is a Mexican who is very difficult, almost impossible for a Russian woman to take with her. Especially if the family dad is not passionate or there was no dad at all. So from now on, it’s not about adopting Mexican career husbands of women. The Mexican needed a housewife who could raise the children and take care of the house. Or, in rare cases, work part-time. A woman should be in the shadow of a man’s fame. The unpleasant thing is that in most cases machismo is not immediately apparent. At first cute Mexicans praise each other, and after the wedding, machismo gradually begins to seep in. As one girl once said, Mexicans marry women, and I’m proud of them, which is something else that doesn’t happen. But the relationship you’re trying to build with a Mexican. That is, they are trying to build a classic Patriarchal family. At the moment, I would like to comment that the concept of Housewives in Mexico and Housewives in Russia are somewhat different. In Mexico, in rich and middle-class families, a cleaner has many assistants who often not only clean the house, wash dishes, iron household linen, cook food, look after children, do gardening. This is due to the availability of these services. In other words, the housewife is basically taking care of herself, her children, and her interests. Well, in poor women’s families, as in Russia, she takes on all the responsibilities of the house and raising the children themselves. The husband can help in his spare time. Second, after Russian wives have become more difficult to achieve disorganization and punctuality of their Mexican husbands. I wrote about this, among other things, in Your article»the people of Mexico for what they are». This is typical for the entire nation. Here, either take it or don’t take it. Make it impossible again. To this question, almost all the girls answered that Russian wives in Mexico take it well, with a smile and open arms, they always eat, they rattle, but this does not mean that they become their own. You may not even know exactly what they think of you until you find yourself in a conflict situation where everything opens up and opens up. It all depends on the family you live with. It is in Your best interest to establish a good relationship with your husband’s family, because, as mentioned earlier, the family plays an important role in the lives of Mexicans and has a huge influence on them. But, as recommended by the girls, do not try to start cleaning the house from the doorstep, cook and wash dishes, trying to please your husband and relatives. Most likely, savings will not they are valued for housework in rich families that have hired staff, so if the girl is too cheap to show the risk of getting into the eyes of her husband and family. Not to tease and not to show the finger, no. But the enthusiasm will definitely not come. We want our wives to marry a foreigner, preserve their identity, independence, pride, and not go so far as unnecessary suffering. It is very difficult to learn Spanish with a giant Mexican family without knowing the language (although it is not so easy with a knowledge of the language). And looking for a successful suitor, with training and prospects. There is nothing to do with the poor here, because the society is very stylish. Go to a foreigner, and even more so to a Mexican. Marriage is necessary for a dear and loving person. And, of course, you have to forget about its ambitions in terms of career advancement. A rare Mexican will allow his wife to take a seat above him. Here they love, appreciate and respect the women who bring up their children. He can earn money, but not work hours a day day. Yes, and one day with children to marry a man, and not by nationality. Know the family, live at least three months before the wedding and believe that it is good. Here is the article. Some happy women married to Mexicans raise their children, take care of them, and enjoy their lives. Others don’t do much, but they support the family because of the children, they Finance, for other reasons, they try to find a positive side to their situation, and they hope for the best. But there are also those who have clearly had a negative experience in Mexico, returned to their homeland or got divorced and are trying to return their lives to a new place. So many women, so many stories. There is no guarantee that their marriage to a Russian or Mexican will be successful in a happy family life.

Girls, do not forget that raising a happy family with a foreigner in your country is much more difficult than in your homeland, differences in mentality, education, and lifestyle intersect. At first it seems that all this is nonsense, the main thing is love and friendship. the desire to be together. But over time, the so-called little things turn into serious conflicts, resentments and alienation. So, before you get to the content of your heart to go to a foreign country and get married, think carefully about what you want from family life, learn about your potential boyfriend, learn about your future plans, an idea of family life, your role as a wife, try to learn more about your family and your family values. And believe me, if significant conflicting interests are suspected from the start, they will be resolved. Either you are ready to accept, or you are looking for someone else. My name is Roberto Mineral. I am a teacher of yoga Labels, Hatha yoga, yoga for children, blogger and curious, looking for a person who wants to know this world. You can find it now on my yoga, meditation and self-development blog. On its pages, I share my experience with readers, useful information from my point of view, interesting links and resources. I am very happy if they are cozy and comfortable, and if they like everything else, then they burn.

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