Given the stark social differences between different segments of the population in this country, I will try not to generalize and just say that I am dealing with this alone. So what is friendship, love, and marriage to the people of this country? The General consensus is that it is easier to make friends with Mexicans than with Europeans. Many of my friends who lived in Europe compared friendship there to the siege of a fortress. This will take a long time: people are suspicious and reluctant to accept strangers into their personal lives. It is also worth waiting for the number of ceremonies, as in the Royal court. They manage: meetings with parents, mandatory family dinners, sane family visits. Everything around is nice and comfortable, because they are used in this way. And here you will feel comfortable choosing a Christmas tree from a variety of tools. There is no lack of simplicity here, usually in Russia. Here in Mexico, there is both a ceremony and an ease of communication, you learn in the first lessons of Spanish, you must pronounce yourself always and in this order. There is only one answer. And you, which is typical, are also good. Although everything goes from bad to worse, you should wait until the person presents the standard problem. present, hug and kiss her, then you can speak sincerely about each day. Another source of cultural shock kisses when I’m out. Hello exclusively with a kiss on the cheek.

Including your boss, colleagues, and scientists. If you’ve been introduced to about people at a Mexican dinner with your family, focus. There is no excuse for this. The main thing is to remember these ceremonies, which do not mean anything to us, because every Mexican is very important. And if someone forgets in the middle of a date, they will remember. And he will talk — and people will. And the family in Mexico is very close-knit. When you go out on the street, you have to say goodbye even to those with whom you haven’t exchanged a word all night. Don’t forget to hug them and tell them that. If you set up an appointment for a specific day and time, it doesn’t mean anything. It is not a fact that the meeting will take place. The famous Latin American maniac, transferred depending on the circumstances, both tomorrow and next week, maybe or maybe not, perfectly characterizes Mexican society. So on the eve of the meeting, it’s better to ask again, let’s see. People in Mexico are sociable and open, but not lucky. Well, promises are made automatically. When I was studying Chinese, you warned us not to give ambulances Chinese promises. The point is that they listen: an important skill that you train in Mexico is the science of understanding spoken words with subtext. Usually the meaning is hidden in numerous floral patterns. At first, very good weather, let no one tear his shoulder, but then it can cause difficulties. The Mexican mentality precludes directness as such, and even a dry refusal in response to Your request will become a paragraph of printed text. This is especially true in commercial e-mail messages, in addition to the usual pre-confirmation phrases are literally added at the end of the text, because this attitude is also inherent in everyday life. For the past three months, I have been getting calls from various people asking about a person who previously met my phone number was allocated. So I’ve recently been told that it’s not enough to say I can ask for a favor, sir. It would be nice if you would stop dialing the number, because it makes me uneasy. If you ask a Mexican how easy it is to have friends in your country, he answered»Yes»without hesitation. But after a while, he will definitely find out what kind of friends he has. A really close and reliable friendship is gradually growing. First of all, it looks like this to you, and after a while it becomes (friend, friend) means that you have reached the first level. Above, you can grow to what is already described as a friend. In male friendship, the highest level is to have a brother. These friends can always count on the fingers of one hand, but for them, the trip to Mexico is really worth it. Real friends here had the same thing. The first day I met a classmate, we exchanged phone numbers, and a week later he invited me to a party in the suburbs of Mexico city. There, in turn, they were his closest friends. Here we go again. My neighbor is another matter. He took me back to the Institute a couple of times a week, at the request of my landlord. We just talked and found out that he was in medical school. So, a few months later, he told me about the politics of Colombia and helped me prepare for my exams. Once I lost the keys to a house that was empty at the time, and I called to ask if I could spend the night with him. My friend was delayed at the Institute, but he warned me about my mother’s problem. Then we had a great evening watching soap operas and a steak dinner. I was afraid to ring the bell and say: by the way, on other occasions when you come to visit, it is at best to enjoy a glass of water. There is no point in waiting for your friends to take them all into the refrigerator, prepare them, and put them on a plate. And a big party here often takes place in a big style, which literally means business style, but in fact it eats what it brought itself. The owner can provide guests with a couple of large bags of chips, and you’ll have to take care of everything else yourself. Mexicans like to save money. This quality manifests itself in its own way, especially in relationships. If a Mexican earns well, he is ready to swear on every weight (i.e. every three rubles) at a fruit and vegetable stall, buy the cheapest and highest-quality things all year round, but on vacation he will definitely go to a five-star hotel. This is especially worrying for my neighbor from Australia, who before leaving had her local boyfriend choose this hotel. At the beginning of the report, she said that there was no need to pay for it, because she felt quite independent, and every travel plan was evaluated by a series of scandals. Similar savings are shown in all her friends who try to call home, accused of a hundred rubles (as much as three liters of gasoline), so they are not tempted to spend too much fuel. Another unusual moment of Mexican culture: if you were invited on your birthday, then you must pay for everything that you order. But this rule doesn’t apply to smaller meetings. For example, when I go for coffee with some of your friends, I enjoy it. But it is the love for Mexicans and for girls in General that makes them rich, who stay here in THE permanent residence. Most of the foreign girls that I know after a month of living here, we stay with young people on Skype. And many of them left strong years of relationships to suddenly meet Mexicans. Ask yourself why. How much care and attention girls pay in Latin America, they almost never get anywhere. They escorted us home, always holding hands, even though the man always opened the door for them. On the street you will see many couples walking hand in hand and kissing. Mexico still adheres to a conservative education in terms of paper and relationships between men. This means that she often makes decisions and shows a lot of self-confidence.


So, after going to Mexico for a while and then landing in Europe, I noticed that Mexicans, compared to Europeans, have a strong tendency to Patriarchy. On my first visit, I met a different side of this area of life. I listened to the radio, where social ads are constantly playing, girls do not tolerate violence from men, and they call a toll-free number or go to the police. The girl’s husband, who lived in the host family’s house, beat her and did not allow her to work. Also, as I explained, he was guided by the fact that he is a man and only he can work in the family. And if the job is not wanted, but the money is not at home, this does not mean that the wife is allowed to leave the house. In Spanish, this is called gender discrimination. So if someone in Mexico calls him»macho», then that word has a different tone than what we usually understand. Machismo is the exact opposite of the fact that the principle of sexual equality does not work in Mexico: the stronger the gender, the stronger it is. the better, the better. Another negative aspect of a relationship is that it can last for a long time, but it doesn’t end in marriage. To test their choice, Mexicans have been Dating for about ten years and are more likely to live together after marriage. But this does not mean that after a thorough check of their future marital relations, they will not stop the divorce. They marry Mexicans about thirty years later. I have friends who aren’t married yet and don’t think about it in the first place. Children do this even after the age of thirty, often closer, because they themselves have a life plan that explains why they spend a lot of time on their careers and accumulate savings to buy their own home. In addition, children as young as three years old must go to kindergarten, and in most cases for this you have to pay a lot of money. There are free gardens for single mothers, but they try to avoid their own parents. Most Mexican schools also pay for schools, there are also public institutions, but they do not have enough an enviable reputation, so for a middle-class family to talk about them, even if you don’t talk about them. The education system in Mexico is tough enough after kindergarten to pass the exam and pass the first grade. Courses in schools and kindergartens begin at seven in the morning, and this regime continues until admission to the educational institution. Therefore, the appearance of a family here imposes very different, very large obligations. My stories about what parents in elementary school can write to the teacher’s class because the child has reached the third grade are a universal cause for joy: in Mexico, there can be no school marinara for any reason. On the one hand, the habit of the concept of slowness in making important decisions in life is surprising. On the other hand, each step is better structured. If we get used to the rhythm of life, it will be easy to feel comfortable in Mexico. Mexican life with an abundance of parties and the opportunity to enjoy life, whatever it may be and at any age, turns out to be it is very attractive, and the friendship with the inhabitants of this country is long and strong