Mexican roulette is a variation of the game and is very similar to American roulette: however, it is characterized by a compartment with thirty-nine wheels. Therefore, it has a compartment in addition to the American roulette, which is numbered.

The probability of losing the entire bet increases as the marble can stop. In other words, it is more difficult to make a noticeable victory of the Mexican roulette in other variations of the game. The ultimate goal of Mexican roulette is the same as in other versions of the game: place bets to try to predict the number of wins and or the type of wins by number.

Bets are placed on a simple possibility

Each stack of chips has its own color and is assigned to a specific player, so that the dealer can distinguish bets on the carpet without getting confused or making mistakes. Mexican roulette allows players to place different bets on the same number, color, or draw, unlike other roulette variants. You will find that the game modes are similar to French roulette and other available betting configurations, such as Corner betting, which allows you to place bets on four numbers with a single bet by placing bets on intersections of these four numbers. A Dozen bet can make you win a double initial bet and allows you to bet on twelve numbers simultaneously. For Mexican roulette, having the ability to fall and also that you can make your bets fall or disappear, it is better to place multiple bets to avoid losing too much money. Winnings may be less relevant in this way, but it is important that they are kept in the game