Full name — United States of America. The country’s culture consists of Spaniards and Americans. The poet can safely say that Mexico is full of contrasts. Representatives of various religions, traditions and customs peacefully coexist here. Many people associate this country with men in sombreros. But now this interesting and original helmet can only be found for tourists. Tattoos of Mexicans, photos that can be found on the Internet, are usually bright, colorful. But there are exceptions to this rule. Also, the indigenous inhabitants of this country prefer designs that not everyone will call Mexico. Images that are used to seeing in many sketches, present in all Mexican tattoo rules, can make unexpected sense.

The image of the so-called cranial sugar is applied in honor of the day of the dead. The application of this type of tattoo is considered a tribute to the deceased or dead. Even the skull was attached to those who suffered losses. Therefore, a tattoo with diabetes may indicate a desire to pay tribute to the deceased, but to remain forever in the hearts of loved ones. The rose is a flower of complete conflict of values. For example, they often choose romantic girls. However, they also carry other semantic promises: this flower can be used as the main element of the tattoo, but it may not attract attention, being part of the composition. Any original weapon is associated with aggression, defense, or masculinity.

However, not everything is so simple

This type of tattoo looks just as good on both men and frail girls. The fact is that a tattoo representing a revolver can have several meanings. For example, one of the popular attitudes is self-confidence, fervor, and punk for life. A person who has decided to make such an image part of their style often emphasizes their originality, the search for threatening actions. After tattooing in a typical Mexican style, I decided to get a tattoo because of the culture of pastimes in this country. On my forearm is a skull, in memory of my dead grandfather. He was a real hero to me, a man worthy of respect. Next to the skull, roses are decorated, emphasizing that the man has lived a brilliant life. In addition, according to many people, including Mexicans, this flower is a reflection of memory. I really like my image, but the most important thing is that it has a fundamental meaning for me. Despite this relatively recent origin style, its popularity is great. Chicano tattoos have their origins in the criminal world of Mexico. Such images are often used in prisons. Gradually, however, the Chicano are pulling steel out of the streets as well. This style has a number of special features: And you knew it. Chicano tattoos can also be found on images of Jesus Christ or the virgin Mary. This is due to the fact that the style was born in the environment of religious personalities who seek to get support from outside. Despite the fact that now the inscription on tattoos does not surprise anyone, only in Mexico they were first used in drawings. Poet and Chicano style, dates, phrases, and names are allowed. On my back, a girl hides her face under a scarf. About how this figure relates to Mexico, I recently found out. And so, just like that, I liked the sketch.

It’s cruel, but very interesting

In addition, the execution in grayscale, with the use of both clear and blurred lines at the same time, seems very organic