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We can use almost all photos, but we recommend that the photo is relevant and favorable to You. This information will then be distributed to ladies interested in Dating American men. Please take five minutes to fill out the form, sign it, date it and return it to us with your purchases or payment for the tour. In February, I sent a picture of myself to put in your men’s magazine. In March, I started receiving letters from South America, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Of all these women, I chose one from South America. I have been working as a correspondent for months. In December, I stayed for a week in Cali, Colombia, and I had good weather. The lady I was visiting met me at the airport with her family.

We finally meet

I was very nervous because she was so beautiful. I stayed at a four-star hotel called the H. Stein Pension, a very nice hotel with maximum security. I have a big deal for just $ a night. Later, on my way back to the hotel, I watched the incredible nightlife in Cali. Although I was in a car with a beautiful woman, there were even more beautiful women walking down the street, and women working in my office at the hotel, they were also beautiful. I spent the first two days with my lady and her family. On the third day, we had a nice romantic dinner, and later that evening, she went dancing at one of the Nightclubs in downtown Cali. On the fourth day, we spent some time filling out her immigration papers, and then spent just ten dollars on a tour of the entire city of Cali, from the richest to the poorest, as well as many historical sites. It was a very exciting time and a learning experience, and I would say to all of you gentlemen,»Go ahead and have fun.»