Hello, first tell them about me, I’m old, Veronica I don’t Have any children who later you would have, I like to look good, I like to accept myself for going to dance in famous places, I am a passionate young woman and I hope that a good fall and I can find the perfect man for me, greetings. I travel well, am polite and enjoy life. I am very interested in, that is, music, diving, traveling, Cycling, reading, watching movies. I am happier in the mountains or in the ocean. I am self-sufficient, but I would like to find the missing piece. To love and be loved in return. I’m driving through Mexico two to find a potential home for the winter. I am the kind of girl who always has something big going on, a big party, independent, smart, beautiful and creative, and am ready to share life with someone who deserves and wants to be loved, someone who is loyal and Wallpaper me?, how impressive is that. Unique, serious and hardworking. If you don’t get your picture taken and you’re wasting your time, don’t make me lose my precious one. If you don’t have a photo, which you’re not interested in, I’m not looking for someone to stop me from working. I like movies, the beach and traveling, meeting other cultures and learning other languages, including French and German. Truth. IN THE SPEECH, TO GET TO KNOW ME BETTER. Life is wonderful. I’m looking for someone to hang out with. There is no emptiness, no sadness. There is hope. There is light and love. Let your heart speak. YOU’RE NOT MARRIED. WITHOUT CHILDREN. Simple people with a desire to love and give everything from themselves. Blessings. Confident, smart, too much. Time for a little work-life balance. Divorced months ago. Well, alone, but I prefer to be accompanied by someone stable and happy. Don’t fill out the dimensional part, because it was too Intrusive and not the most important thing in my personality. I’m fine because I’m tall and I take care of myself, but measures. Truth. I’m a feminist. I am a very artistic person who likes to talk. I love different types of art, such as painting, drawing, cinema, theater, literature. I am very smart, and I like to read other cultures, their history and traditions. I love traveling and plan to do a lot of things. I like anime and video games. I won’t have any children if I’m not adopted. Bye. I am an independent, smart, hardworking, honest, romantic, fun, realistic woman. I like to travel. I have lived in Canada and France. My Hobbies are going to the gym, acting in movies and dancing, going to ballet, jazz and hip-hop classes. And I have a degree in international business. If you want to know better than me, ask me well. YOU ARE WELCOME. I am a WOMAN, at HOME, romantic, funny, smart, hardworking and on the floor, love dancing, music and travel, I have lived in Canada and Paris and I have a degree in international business, if you want to know better than me, ask me well. I consider myself beautiful and prone, I do not like all sports that involve a ball, hours of wrestling. I’m looking for someone who meets my criteria, I’m not I am looking for a young man — from the mineral of the old grandfather I want one man without children, without backpacks and without psychological problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder. I don’t know everything I want, but I know what I don’t want. So if you don’t meet my criteria for gratitude and good luck in your search. I am super sexy, I live in Cologne, spider Oxazepam in Mexico, I dress with a clean LV born in a Golden cradle, I have charisma, I am risky, I like what I do, above all my originality, I am like me, I Express myself as attractive, retired, women living in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico. I am creative in communicating with the living world. I like being outdoors, gardening, playing with my dogs, and watching birds. I’m from new York, USA and retired here in Mexico. I am relaxed with a dry sense of humor. Quiet and affectionate. I have been divorced for several years, and I have just returned to my country (Mexico). Attractive woman, intelligence, open mind mind, I like to meet different people. I love outdoor activities and preferably where I like the waterway (sea, river, lake, etc.), and everything related to nature has assured me that my partner will be very proud to have brought me to his side. I have a good personality, I listen and am always ready to give it a try (well, almost always). Trust and expect the same from my partner. I don’t respond to profiles without photos. years, silence, spontaneity, fun, I like to cook, good stone, outdoor activities, reading, I don’t like to argue, I don’t like shopping, home, engine, contact sports, languages, I like to be innovative and original, but not ridiculous. I spend fifteen minutes a day learning something new. I studied international Economics at Tech de Monterrey. Single and without children, I hope that one day I will have a family, I love children. I am very sweet and kind, smart, loyal, funny and romantic, lying on the floor. I am a spiritual person and I love adventures. I like to see fans of sports patriotism, I like nature and animals. Uniquely. I know how to keep my word. I deserve someone like me to love and be loved. I am a simple, happy woman who likes to be on the street and much more. I like being in touch with nature and doing fun things. I am happy with my life and feel comfortable in my skin. My friends talk about a funny and thoughtful chat. I love cooking and spending time with family and friends. I am very impressive. Lol. Okay, kidding aside, I’m a very funny girl, both English and Spanish. I am passionate, smart, witty and cheeky. I have a special taste for Canadians, and I like to date me, or I would like to live in Mexico, or at least share my time here and in Canada. I assure you, if you take the time to get to know me, you’ll be just like me. The player of the old school, traditional, affectionate, funny, shy, smart, boring, great cook, no kids, no husband, I like a lot and exceptional nontraditional (look at my hair LOL) family oriented, if you want to know more, just ask me. Good morning, I am a healthy and athletic woman who hopes to find a sweet and loving man with whom to share culture and co-canons. I am interested in the artistic nature, as well as great movies, delicious food, traveling to explore the wonders of Mexico, concerts and interesting conversations. I like to dress up nicely and take great care of my health and appearance. I’m calling Michelle, years old. I like to walk wherever I am, but if I feel much better on the street, I like to talk, I like to read, I like to make mistakes like everyone else, but I try to overcome them, I hate fake people who like to pretend that they are not lying, I like to cook, I like to travel and think about new adventures in life. because it’s short and we you should enjoy it, I like to read, go to movies, go to concerts, play the piano and listen to music. Charismatic, sociable, polite, friendly, positive, martial, spiritual, hospitable, love to cook, love to dance, love music, Bubo wine, I do not smoke, I am not an athlete, I love dogs, very romantic and tender, I hate reasons, I love to serve and help the most vulnerable, I always smile and love to laugh and meet people. I am looking for and would like to have a partner or at least meet someone to share it with. I’m feeling generous