Mexico is one of the most diverse countries when it comes to finding local girls for sex, and I’m sure many of you have many different destinations that pop into your head when you think before it. Although there are many beaches, towns, border towns and areas of historical interest for which Mexico is well known, it seems that the capital itself enjoys the least attention, whether from mestizos or ordinary tourists. Mexico city seems to be quite often forgotten, which is a bit strange considering its size. This is one of the most the largest and most densely populated cities in the world, with more than nine million people distributed throughout the city center. Because Mexico city spent more. There are probably many reasons, especially related to the perception of rampant crime, and perhaps the lack of a beach. The first is completely false, and the second is irrelevant.

This is not a border town. You want to visit a Mexican city with a beach scene and all that. Go to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. If you want a cosmopolitan experience in an impressive city with crazy nightlife, rich history and one of the best culinary scenes in the world.

Come to Mexico city

But I know that’s not all you’re here for, so let’s talk about where to find girls. However, there are some things that you should know in advance. We need to get this out of the way now: Mexico city is not in danger. In fact, it may be safer than many major cities in the US, especially when you limit your trip the»correct»districts — which are many. Mexico city is similar to the Latin city of new York, just bigger, more diverse and with many of its own nuances. So stick to nice neighborhoods, don’t do shit, pay attention, and you’ll be perfectly fine. As you can imagine, knowing a little Spanish will be a long way off. Yes, many people speak English, but this is Mexico. If you can at least continue the main conversation and see that they will cheat you outside of the country, your chances of success will disappear. The ability to dance helps too. I repeat, this city is huge. It’s not that you can win everything in a week. You waste your time, you get frustrated, and in the end you don’t see anything but maybe public transportation. Put your seats in one or two areas and stay inside. The most popular and discos of the Countess, Polanco and Rome. These areas have a variety of accommodation options, night clubs, bars, restaurants, daytime entertainment and all other. In addition, they are very pleasant, very safe and full of people who want to meet each other. Appearance is important here, and if you want to have sex with girls from Mexico city without paying, you need to share it. Dress a little better, take care of yourself, and you will have a leg in clubs and bars. Try not to interfere a little. And always be very kind to everyone you meet, other boys, girls, bartenders, waiters, whatever. Zona Rosa is a red light district with a lot of street pedestrians, strip clubs, massage parlors, and be careful, even with some ladies. Something you will quickly notice: the people here are very friendly. Local residents are always ready to help you when you have a question, and you don’t have to worry about being pushed or anything like that. You will see random beggars and aggressive street vendors, but if you are in the areas of the city where you really need to meet girls, they don’t deal with it too often. The bar scene in Mexico city is huge. When in places like Polanco and Condesa, it’s a bit overwhelming in reality, there’s a ridiculous choice to make. Depending on which bar you are in, you may notice some girls who have been shooting too much, but they are certainly not hard to spot. Salon de Pate Negra (photo), this is the place where we will hear a lot of conversations in the area of the Countess. There are a lot of gringos around for a long time, but the place gets filled up on weekends, and it becomes another link with the suppliers, the moment they roll in. The gin is newer than the bar, which has a slightly higher atmosphere. Actually, it’s good for a girl’s date. The quality of girls here is often much better, along with any conversation. In General, gin has become very popular, and it is a social bar that allows girls to easily treat themselves to a night of socializing. For a more Western feel, the Jules Basement located in Polanco is a speakeasy style bar that is very friendly and fun, and always attracts a good crowd. You literally get into it by walking into the rigging, asking the lady where the door is, and entering through the refrigerator door, which opens to a staircase that descends to the bar. Great cocktails, and just the girls who want to spend time. Another popular bar suitable for satisfying»open-minded»girls in Operational Lima, the Wallace whiskey bar and a sex tour of the surrounding bars — I noted on the map at the end of the guidebook (pin beer). As in the bar, Mexico city, the club scene is vast. You will find a good mix of vibe and style, with a good portion dedicated to hip hop and top forty stuff. The club here is open quite late on weekends, usually until midnight, so don’t plan to warm up until midnight. Trust is the key to the club. Come closer to the girl, start dancing, see what happens. Be prepared to buy a lot of booze for everyone. A few dance steps due to a lack of Spanish if you can’t handle it with the rhythm. And, as always, be aware of the public circles. Be friendly with the whole group if you want something to go somewhere. This does not mean that many girls are alone or with another friend. It is difficult to cut things down even to clubs, because there are many good options. Like the previous ones, Polanco and Countess are your best bets by area. Love is located in Polanco, and is a great meeting place for girls from Mexico city who are dressed up to their nines. On weekends, they get together, but on Wednesday nights, they’re great because they have a little more room to work without the awkward scattering inside. Many girls in the service industry are here that night, which is good if your goal is to eventually find someone to have sex with. The Rhodesia social club and the Guilt club (see video below) are very popular clubs in Condessa. Here you will get a good mix of girls, as the scene is a little more normal, although normal, Nightclubs are coming. Mexico city is, in fact, the most beautiful city in the world. big city in the world, so you can expect a lot of massage parlors to have a happy ending. You can at least do manual work or blow jobs in multiple locations, and often full of sex. Depending on»wellbeing», you can choose from one row, while others assign a girl. Just go with low expectations and see what happens. Fortunately, the result is usually much more frequent than not. Massage spas come and go a lot, but there are also some that have remained over time. Saville Clinic in Zona Rosa, has a good reputation, having decent girls for a solid price. There are three separate rooms with three girls that can offer a full range of services. Golden body, this is another popular place with a large selection of girls. The pink zone, in General, has many massage positions, so you can just take a walk when you arrive. The escort route can also be good, especially in Mexico city. Again, the size of the city is in your favor, so that you have many options. You can find some of the best escorts in the world, which may not always be much easier than going out all night and playing a game. Just tap on WhatsApp or email and you can have a hot Mexican girl in your room for hours. Expect to pay anywhere in between, and, weights for sex with a high level of talent. The best escort girls and the city of love are a great place to start if you are looking for the best of the best. If you want to increase your chances of having sex with Mexico city girls for free, you can accumulate a huge list of potentials simply by using a Dating site to set the behavior for when you arrive. And it’s best to start maybe with a month and establish a good connection with some of the girls you like. Mexican Cupid is the best site to use, as are most members (more than), and the most complete profiles. All you have to do is define your profile, and start viewing girls messages. Ask them for coffee or dinner, and then if they want to»go out»or»watch a movie»again in their hotel room.


Mexico city is very underestimated because of fear, and since it is no more touristic than a city, you don’t have to worry about all the shit that usually accompanies it. Listening to my advice and staying in a good part of the city should be an incredible time — whether you pay for it or not. I’ll offer you a little of both, if you can manage it. After a few days here, you will understand why so many guys are one of your favorite sex destinations