Interesting mixed marriages, Mexican husband — Russian wife.

What does it have to do with his wife? Although Mexicans and males are known here and are quite often beaten (especially in the lower layers), I think this would not happen with a Russian girl — she has these Mexican women in her blood, for them it is so, and the Russian girls themselves are not offended, because married Russian guys are no longer in fashion. If necessary, we will be defeated by the worst Mexicans, Spanish collars that we will make. This is when the guitar scratch your head in Mexico many Russians, Mexicans go only if they want to give birth to their brown comment once there is a good explanation that some Mexican girls are attracted more) Asya your comment was confirmed, just look at the photo of Poliakova and you can agree that any black is often ugly and white, like Schwarzenegger, but Mexicans are all beautiful and affectionate. I’m an idiot, so I’ll be in the local brothels as soon as I live with my state family for a long time. They have cockroaches at home, rats, a couple of bastards in the backyard, children, five To fifteen years old in the US, for the English hardly racism does not exist Here, we had sex, but its culture is about the misery of change, because it wants to change itself for a person, to live as it is in one place. with Mexico, of course, full of poor stupid people who I hate and so and so live as you have described.

And in the Russian village it was never there

It’s better there, Yes. All are clean, polite and kind people, and they don’t drink. And the same goes for everyone who chooses who to communicate with and who to pay attention to. I, for example, live in a residential area, and the poor of this evil see it. I mean, there are rich, educated people in every country. You have to look like completely, because the cream is only in a floating cap. In the Russian countryside, if there was no brain, people had Golden hands. They all repair themselves, they make themselves complete. Any drunkard will be much smarter than an ordinary Mexican. So, to try Russians in Mexico, to get married-means to live together all your life, apparently, without seeing the Golden hands of poor Mexicans. If he went to the interior of Mexico, he would see both the poor who live in palm-leaf huts and the rich who live in large houses, but they all have something that unites them: their culture, they have not forgotten the language of their ancestors and their hands can do things that just by looking at it and respecting it And we don’t have to advise him or decide who to marry, this is their life to build, please, and we will decide everything with them. And yet, if we wanted to get married to a Russian, we have not explicitly searched for in Mexico. We are all here, not for a married country that has left, but for a human being, and I don’t think that anyone intentionally looked for it it was only then that life developed. And if you personally don’t like Mexicans, that’s your problem, it doesn’t mean that everyone thinks or should think like you. Lena, I am a Muscovite, I live in the city of San Diego Productions for huge country houses do not surprise me, they are healthy, just beauty is not the same, having changed my nickname in Gonzales, at least I do not see the advantage of Mexican men over Russians. The ancestors of the Spanish language brought, rich and poor culture in General are not comparable, even the rich color of light skin, because they are Spaniards, not indigenous people. Elena probably doesn’t notice on purpose, but from my point of view, it is better to tell the truth and decide. To go to Mexico does not mean to become a Mexican, there are many diasporas and to stop offending Russians if you come to live in a foreign country, but not to scold it. and this hatred of a foreign country and a foreign culture manifests itself in the insufficiency and impossibility of taking place both in a foreign country and in your own own. All peoples, all Nations for their own good, as well as the people who live there. And Mexico, Russia and Ukraine (I can’t say about their native country) are a beautiful country. By the way, Mexico and Russia have a common cultural problem, because they are two mills with a transition economy, so there is not much difference for me. And in fact, regardless of the nationality of the man (woman), this is absolutely not a decisive factor. One Elena said-there is no one in Mexico for her husband-life. I, for example, when he left three years ago with the sole intention of staying there, and I certainly never thought that I would live in Mexico