The proximity of Mexico to such success in a country like the United States does not go unnoticed.

Men often emigrate, and this is understandable: a man should support his family, be its head. And if there is no opportunity to earn a decent income at home, then why not try your luck abroad. Only your wives do not become popular poets, waiting for your friendly people and in the family with hand embroidery. you become complete: you have to make women’s patterns as well, cook, wash and clean, and raise children in the name of both fathers, and do all the hard work of men in the house. And if your husband’s career doesn’t have the success you hoped for, or if your father decides to forget about his Mexican family — the wife, among other things, represents and supports their children. With this modern Mexico, finding a female job is not so easy, so you often have to do everything possible. After hard daily work, women who find themselves in a difficult situation because of the belongings of emigrants and their husbands can stay together, relax at the TV, talk on the phone with their children who have left for a SINGLE STATE in search of a better life. Mutual help, care and support help those who have faced the same difficulties to survive. In the border area, a boy tries to illegally cross the border with other immigrants. Due to the predominance of the female population, they become less impressionable and romantic people. The truth of life has led to the fact that most girls earn the best in advance.

Family and family ties are no longer attractive

Young women want to get a diploma and start their own business. In this picture taken from the door of a gift shop, you can see a girl walking to a counseling center on Sao Paulo street