That there are women in Mexico. And men. Cute. These questions seem to interest many. When I go to a village, the longer I stay there, the more interesting it will be to find out who I will encounter and with whom I will live. It is a fact that Mexicans abroad are very different from us. If there is no nose, then the eyes and the rest of the body are anatomically similar. These are the others. Maybe that’s why they always look at us as aliens. A bonus for our readers. offering twenty rental homes on the site ten discount for insurance on the first reservation with a total surplus instructions on how to work with the service and our reviews read here sometimes I went to Asia and always people about me with great curiosity saw. And in the Philippines, I played it all). I had an affair in the Philippines when I took a Princess in a mini Basho driving around the island, where the journey lasts six hours. It affected me when I woke up, Filipino — it helped the driver sit next to me, my hand holding and caressing, I was scared. Then, like something near Kalibo airport, you sit in a bar, as if you are in no hurry, because the plane is only six hours old. compliments From a suitable Filipino table neighbor, he sits down at my table and asks the mole -«I can stay with you, look at yourself, I’m not worried.»And all, hours before eating, in the sky I talk, live, sit in silence and watch. The perfect woman touches my hair, takes a picture on her phone, and says that she has long wanted to cut my hair like this, and it is not resolved. Still a lot of fun things to do. Filipinos, unlike them, are seeing Russians, and sometimes it can be fun, but sometimes it doesn’t get any better on its own. I don’t know more than Mexicans expect), Olga, about Mexicans anyway, they’re, like, not wild like the Filipinos describe them). For hands that don’t touch, for braids that don’t stretch out). They can just think or come up and ask where it is, what, Yes, how. Yes, about the hair, the eyes can be quoted, they are beautiful, but not annoying. And even more dubious ones women, men just looking). White American Mexicans are on the side, as opposed to Filipinos, for a woman who is so surprised). Irina, there are a lot of Americans in Cancun) And so she may find herself in the desert for climbing, where there are no foreigners she has never seen. Favorite Mexican face. All her observations and conclusions are very similar to mine. He also came to the conclusion that most Mexicans do not know how to dress, and with beautiful men and women — most of them, but they are so beautiful that over time they do not pay attention to their appearance). Probably for you, pay attention often. It is the red, thin and white color of your skin). Constantly creams protect you from the sun. Katya, not just for me, and Andrey also attracts hair) All of them that are different from them are curious. And we are also red — in General, they are strange). Especially funny sometimes is the reaction of children: those with precision, as if extraterrestrials see, look intensely and, without blinking, open their mouths.

Although, he noticed that Yucatan is much quieter for tourists, it seems they are already used to it. You cremate all the time, although my skin doesn’t seem to burn as much, but of all the ultraviolet rays, it’s even better protected. Well, it found photos from the app and put them on a blog. If it hadn’t been for her, and someone who wasn’t wanted. Mexicans do, it’s very colorful, sometimes they do. Sorry, not all celebrities can take pictures. I, Mexicans from abroad, don’t like them at all. As you have noticed, girls still swim, and already at school begin to gain weight, and then generally — in a group of one hundred, and with the figure»Apple»- complete the upper part of the body. Well, their face and face are not attractive, although it is very rare to see a pretty girl. Well, I don’t say anything about men. Some of them, all of them. Not overloaded with intellect of the person.

And well-fed

We have these pictures from a large number of cities than in Mexico) Andrey, a lover of people who have taken pictures. So I I decided to pick up all the cards with sleeves. Yes, I would not say that they have a»face». Maybe I think so, but the inhabitants of Mexico and other Latin American countries are very similar. Mexican as they are. You’re probably right, Pauline. I haven’t been to El Salvador, I have no idea how they look at us), a suspicion that the same ugliness. I never stopped being Mexican, for example, with us. I mean a crowd of, for example, Americans more than once, and Mexicans, in fact, pronounced Latin. The most beautiful ones were in Los Angeles. Who would have thought it? I remember a pool party on the roof of a skyscraper, and I realize that there was a concentration of Mexican beauty per square foot. Well, Lily, so all the beauties just disappeared. Although judging by the number of Mexicans in California, the ugly ones also migrated to this area. What hot women gathered for the section»women») Joan, admits this, is more terrible, she chose because the contrast with the last picture was as great as possible). In fact, he couldn’t get involved, so it’s clear to everyone that Alex, of course, is in particular in front of the Russian beauties for all of them. But what an effect, it’s true. Listen, apparently, nothing unexpected, and here’s»both») Thanks for the compliment. In General, most of them are our most beautiful Mexican women (both small white and red). Well, or acquaintances. Well, here’s the usual professional — her real recovery). Because this is too strong a generalization, and of course, among Mexican women, it is also pretty. We had spent so little time in Mexico, and this was a journey for us, an intermediate link between the usual holidays and life on the road. So I don’t look at the locals too much. But at least if it was solid, beautiful and beautiful, I would remember it, but this is my memory) Alex, of course, between Mexican women are smart and beautiful, but their percentage in relation to the total weight is much lower than that of our compatriots. We have them when the metro goes out — like on a catwalk, eh then not close. You look good, and wear something pretty that you don’t know.»Solid, beautiful and beautiful»- not exactly from Mexico. But you know when you talk to an insensitive person, but very charming and charismatic, and even his face becomes more and more beautiful. So with the Mexicans) I am generally pleasant and very talented. Well, beautiful women and girls. Just have a European taste, and girls only in big cities. True and there, on the street is not visible. They go to clubs or to the store, where they live more. So no one says an ugly»no», it’s just that most girls are Dating, and women are far from ideal and not only in our European sense. The European flavor has nothing to do with, for example, many mulattoes and so on. I think it’s very beautiful. This is just on the Yucatan Peninsula, most of them are not even mixed, and the indigenous population is small and square. Closest to the center, less than the natives (only they killed the Spaniards) and the most European of the peoples and mestizos. Well, for me, it could be more beautiful, they don’t come out of supermarkets and are afraid to walk (because the social, racism in Mexico is huge). By the way, this article was written much earlier, since we came and photographed almost everything that is not from these parts). Very interesting site.

Good notes, photos

And Yes, apparently, positive types). Leave the tactless question: do you have children? Our relative went to live and work in Houston, USA a few years ago. Two years later, he moved to Mexico. He posts beautiful photos and stories about exciting trips around Mexico on the social network. He encourages us to visit him. And we all can not go to Mexico: the financial crisis in the family, the children at school have left, so now is not the best time for holidays. We can only look at the photos and wait) Copying the content of this site is allowed if the link to the source of information is active