Tradition is stronger than anything else in the world, and it has helped us maintain some interesting habits. People who say they don’t really believe in such things, but still believe them.

Pregnant women wear a small red ribbon or pin attached to their underwear whenever there is a lunar Eclipse to astronomically protect their unborn child. In addition, women tend to have an excess of stock in red and yellow underwear, which reflects their desire for real love or money for the New year (as needed necessities). And there are those who buy an image or a statue of St. Anthony of Padua, put it on the altar with candles and turn it upside down until a miracle happens, and find true love.

Yes, in fact, stealing money from the Saint

The psychological wounds inflicted by the upbringing of Mexican mothers are definitely within each of us, but this does not mean that we cannot have a functional relationship with them in adulthood. In fact, Mexican men and women have a strong bond with their mothers and families, but the relationship between their sons and daughters is very different. The relationship between mother and daughter moves with relative ease between absolute love and absolute hatred. The closer they get, the stronger these transitions become, and it is quite common to interpret the complexity of their connection based on discrete observation. Consider them your best friends, who sometimes have frightening and dramatic little ones misunderstandings. There is no single pattern of how much makeup Mexican girls wear. Something between a low-key and moderate fit, but even a clownish style is common on morning commutes. What these women have in common is their advanced makeup skills. From the skilful use of a teaspoon of eyelash Curling to the amazing ability to draw the perfect line of eyeliner during a bumpy bus ride, Mexican women know makeup. I would also like to note the patience of women who turn each of them into a small masterpiece, even if in most cases they turn out to look like miniature wedding cakes. And I’m not referring to this problem that Mexicans have with self-writing. Mexican women are the best when it comes to home remedies: lemon or coffee honey for colds, chamomile tea for relieving stomach aches and promoting sleep, Valerian for calming the nerves, and a little aloe for everything else. Nothing resists the power of tea and herbal remedies infusions’. They are also familiar with all kinds of weight loss plans. The moon diet, the grapefruit diet, the Apple diet, the Sun-man diet — that’s the name of the amount of time on the diet they probably tried. Under normal circumstances, they tend to be more affectionate, caring, and loving women around the world. Those who have or have had a Mexican girlfriend know that their displays of affection can be suffocating, which is really good. Come on, who doesn’t like being smothered by love and affection? Mexican girls have all the attributes that anyone can need, if, of course, they’re mad at you. Passion is another quick, low-key way to say it. Sooner or later, you will discover that there is a dark side behind those beautiful eyes. If Mexican women could be defined in one word, that word would be a joy. I am friendly, sociable, noisy and always in the mood for good fun. Girls in Mexico dance all night all the way through, taking into account the wide possibilities and possibilities. I don’t blame Mexican women for all these stereotypes, but they share a lot of guilt with some of their habits. For example, there is a big difference between being ready to go out on the street and real opportunities. When a Mexican girl says she’s fine, she just recognizes her patience. If she hasn’t decided that her shoes are on, or if she hasn’t picked up her trusty purse, she’s far from ready yet. Mexican women have historically been recognized for their strong temperament and rebelliousness. Living in a society with strong gender issues has influenced the character of Mexican women who are assertive and not afraid to Express their opinions freely, and these are two reasons why you don’t want a Mexican girl to be the enemy