Mexico is a warm and Sunny country in South America, with an extremely cheerful and sociable population and a strong family cult. Good, happy Mexicans love to talk and listen to gossip. They accept foreigners, although they are wary of the American style of speaking and the Spanish language. Fierce patriots, very enthusiastic about holidays and organize them on various occasions. Kindness in communication is shown at least in the fact that the inhabitants of Mexico get used to accompany almost any broad conversational smile. In addition, to (especially in provincial areas) welcome everyone, even strangers, for example through access to public transport.

And residents communicate with each other without any special restrictions. However, with strangers or Mexicans, they are very kind and observe all the rules of etiquette. Most of the country’s inhabitants are very clean. Considering that the clothes must be clean, new and necessarily clean. For business meetings made to wear a tie. Here, abortions are prohibited or not allowed. Therefore, in many families with three or more children, they manage. Children have a special meaning, are highly pampered and many allow. In addition, there is a cult of motherhood in Mexico, the concept of the Holy mother for Mexicans.

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In General, the Mexican woman has no equal with the statesman. Thus, there are few women in the business world, although they tend to increase their influence. The head of the family is also a male punishment. In their free time, Mexicans go to the movies, take their children to the circus, play Golf, soccer, ride horses, hunt, go diving, etc. The lively nightlife is famous only for tourist centers. It is not customary to show your material wealth, but a Mexican car should be expensive. In cases where people in Mexico value punctuality, but in informal communication, this does not matter much. The total number of inhabitants of Mexico is about one million people. As for the current ethnic composition, it consists of white descendants of immigrants from Europe (about five), mestizos, who are called»Mexicans,»Indians, and two representatives of other groups (Asians, mulattoes, and African Americans). residents of Mexico live in the city, have their own area of life. In this apartment, they are very small, much larger areas, completely consist of private houses. The official language of this country is Spanish (Mexico is the largest country in the world), but it is also widely spoken in English. In shops and restaurants in recreation areas, you can also often hear French and German»Yes». The local dialects of ethnic groups are much less used. A foreigner should know Spanish, especially if they intend to do business in Mexico. Thus, we will achieve much greater success with our Mexican partners. However, with a few Spanish phrases or insults, you should be careful, as locals may perceive it as disrespectful to him, a foreigner. The main religion in Mexico is Christianity, about the fact that the population adheres to Catholicism. In addition, there are representatives of Protestantism among the inhabitants of Mexico, including Pentecostals and Jehovah’s Witnesses, who say that the population professes other religions. three Mexicans declare themselves atheists, and another declares his religion. Among the villagers, Church attendance was open on Sunday. Despite the influence of religion, divorce, civil marriages, and children born out of wedlock are common, though not very socially acceptable. When the meeting is most often used as an intermediary, as a mutual friend.

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Business cards are widely distributed. When accessing frequently used titles (ladies) and the polite pronoun»you». If communication between companions occurs on the»you», then they talk to each other and to their companions. There are two types of requests for women:»married woman»and»girl». In the case of an unknown woman’s marital status women, they kindly address her, forcing the woman to bring. A woman has the right to wait, which is quite natural before opening the door, lighting a cigarette, etc. Greeting in the form of a handshake or a kiss on the cheek. When they greet a woman in an informal conversation, they do so, and then, and simultaneously. Open communication, with frequent pats on the shoulder, etc. Excessive praise, normal politeness, and uncivilized behavior oozing out of Mexico can cause a lot of resentment. Gratitude is also usually expressed in a long and excessive way. Rejection of a Mexican inflatable or an inflatable Mexican woman is not liked. Mexicans ask when they speak (both directly and over the phone) to discuss foreign issues in detail before they get to the bottom of it. Alcoholic beverages are consumed very sparingly by villagers, especially in the city. The appearance of a drunk in a public place is undesirable. However, the structure is usually not limited. On the road, we must remember that in There are no houses in Mexico, regardless of the weather outside. Those present here are frequent and quite rich, but not at the first meeting. Flowers, as always, are a favorite gift, but the bouquet should be large, at least a dozen flowers. At the table, Mexicans behave very civilly, comply with the requirements. Guests can enjoy wine tasting at the property. The toast best served in Spanish is billed as the guest of the hosts. Foods such as tortillas or tortillas eaten with one’s hands while trying to use Cutlery are considered snobbish in this case