Now we will explain to you all the good that awaits you in this country, as well as the bad.

Now let’s do it we will explain to you all the good that awaits you in this country, as well as the evil. In addition, we will briefly describe what Russian women in Mexico lack. In this country, the culture was formed due to the mixing of different cultures (Maya, etc.). In the th century, this had a strong impact. In this amazing country, the traditions and beliefs of Indian and European civilization coexist. For example, abortion is prohibited in the country outside of Mexico city. But homosexual marriages are accepted in Mexico. Nature in this country is diverse. The state has everything: desert with cacti, mountains with snow, wet jungles, the coast of oceanic volcanoes and much more. The country is very well developed, with domestic tourism. The only regret is that there is no railway traffic. But there are airlines and a convenient network of buses. By the way, the roads are quite good, and for a fee it’s just a beauty. All clothes, usually American brands. Beautiful shoes for every taste. There are expensive, luxury shoes. $ is the most expensive Shoe at the local luxury store. In this country, fresh meat is always juicy and low-fat. They are divinely well made. In Mexico, the milk is of excellent quality, but it does not matter if it is cheap or at high prices. In any case, this product will be better than the Russian or European equivalent. From this milk for Breakfast you get the best cocktails. In the country, you can watch American and Mexican channels, and without a satellite. There are more American movies shown here at different times of the day. Twenty-two million people live in the capital alone. This creates a lot of problems. Only in the center of Mexico city there is a metro, on the edge of the Shuttle well, which is very difficult to get to. By the way, this type of transport travels with its doors open. Drivers of SDA minibuses under the Pro rules do not have any ideas. In this state, there are many cars, respectively, and the unloading of the masses. The government wants to improve the environment in the country. Here, very actively, he develops bicycles. For an annual subscription, you must pay about four hundred pesos (in rubles — a thousand rubles). If you are the owner of this document, you are entitled to travel about forty minutes a day. The old public is not allowed to enter the village once a week. This is done in order to reduce the level of air pollution. Despite all his efforts to clean up the village, he wants the best. People who come to the village do not come until a few days later, because it is very noisy. For people who are completely normal because they have lived here for a long time. In addition, in the beep state for a reason and without a reason. There are many vendors and beggars on the street. Many people take trucks with music with them. In this noise and chaos, it is very difficult for their children to fall asleep. Girls don’t like foreign women. These are literally Russian women, physically and mentally destroyed. Women’s friendship does not exist in this country. If they smile at you, see if the knife sticks in your back. The citizens are not particularly beautiful. Cosmetics only worsen their appearance. They they work hard to copy European citizens. In the popular country of face and body whitening.

All girls wear high heels

By the way, they can be photographed with blondes. Girls look a little worse than men. This is followed by the stronger sex, who are always well dressed, often with their hair piled up in gel and shiny shoes.

Many of them speak English

Every man in the country watches the news and reads the Newspapers. Local girls usually sit with children. Maternity leave is only forty-five days away. Most girls become Housewives after the birth of a child. They do household chores, prepare meals, and raise their children. For the citizens of the cooking is a religion. In a completely different country, restaurants with national cuisine. In these families, they are served very rarely, and only Mexican food. It’s the same on the streets. Each dish is accompanied. Such monotony is, of course, boring. Even in Japanese bars and restaurants, they don’t serve wasabi with ginger, but on the table you will see the sliced peppers with the lime.»It’s love, according to the Mexicans. Peanuts, French fries (corn, potatoes, chili and without), sweets — all citizens eat in large quantities. The average Mexican family of six buys a box of chips and a six-pack of two-liter bottles for the weekend. Such food is available, and at the age of two children and the age of my grandmother. It becomes clear why this country occupies one of the first places in terms of obesity. The Mexican people, like all southern peoples, are slow-moving. Local residents may be fifteen minutes or more late. For them it is acceptable, but for us it is a sign of ignorance. Communicate with local residents, please be patient. You may have to repeat something five times or more. The citizen’s word»tomorrow»means»once». In winter, it is very cold, as well as gas is expensive. If you turn on the heating for two hours a day (for an hour in the morning, and not now at night), you will have to pay three hundred dollars a month. Flying to relatives in Russia from Mexico is expensive, so the meeting does not happen often.

Usually only once a year

In this country, they do not give gifts and flowers, but also organize parties and holidays. The exception is for children. On January, they decided to make gifts, and in large numbers. A typical Mexican birthday party — and beer, and chips, and dancing, and Cola, and songs. Everyone is a couple of hours late and goes on vacation without gifts