You’re too banal, too cute, too passive, and too beautiful. Too often they slip through your fingers, why not make a move? Thus, we will learn new strategies that are bolder, bolder, sexier. You start taking risks with attractive women. Even if she doesn’t have sex with you, for some reason, she decides that it’s okay to be much prettier and take things much more sexily with her.

I will try to invest emotionally with her and get her to invest emotionally with me. I will refuse to have sex until she is emotionally invested in me. Then I’ll definitely take it. First, it became too emotional to become sexual. The more time he spends with his»as a friend, the more emotionally invested he gets.»You begin to feel more for her than friendship. As he spends weeks and months getting closer and closer to this girl without sexual attachments, the emotional attachments make him cautious and inhibited around her because he doesn’t want to lose what he has with her. Secondly, she begins to lose attraction to you. The more we emotionally invest in it without its proportionate sexual investment, the more we lose attractiveness for ourselves. She reads about your reluctance to be sexualized as insecure on your part. She sees this as a lack of confidence in her own sexual attractiveness to establish a sexual relationship. Instead of allowing this girl to be the hook in terms of sexual investment, it is extremely important to invest in sexual relationships sooner or later. Investing in sex means more than just sex.

This can mean sexual jokes

Physical contact, you might say. But whatever it is, it leads to sex. This is a small sexual investment on your part that requires a small emotional investment on your part. If she wants to have sex with you soon, then you should be prepared to invest emotionally in this girl. Of course, you can be her friend, if you really want to be. But honestly, it’s really what you want.

This is not true

Don’t try to make friends with her if you’re interested in her sexuality. It will only cause her problems. You want find out if you’re attracted to someone soon, instead of spending hours, days, weeks, months with this girl to find out that she’s not herself. When you meet a girl you like, don’t change your game for her.

Don’t slow down

She doesn’t get a free pass just because you like her. No matter how beautiful and healthy she looks, she will be willing to invest something sexy if you like her. And if she doesn’t want to, it’s not worth the investment, no matter how big it seems. If you don’t know the women you really like, now is the time to learn. My new show»Six steps forward»teaches you everything you need to know to overcome your fear of getting close to women. Until Six Paces later, I couldn’t even ask what time it was. Now I go out for a few days as a search rocket and destroy the missiles. When I see a beautiful woman, I am there. I don’t have the tools to start an interesting, engaging conversation from the beginning. This book is practical and concise. All of this includes a specific step that I can take to get out of my comfort zone. The most important difference between his approach and others: as with any artistic expression of research, it should be treated kindly. I have no hesitation in saying that this book can change the lives of those of us who need something for our romantic lives and are looking for a way to do what it will do to us once we are better with women, but can feel better about ourselves and a less hostile world. This is a great course for men who are struggling with extreme anxieties when it comes to getting close to women. Bottom line: if you have real problems communicating with women, it’s definitely worth checking out