Girls often seem Mature at their age (especially female students). I, for example, was very surprised when talking to a girl who is already very old, I discovered that a few days ago she was only fifteen years old. As for clothes, the same principle applies here: the younger she is, the more she takes care of herself, although, really fashionable and well-dressed, this is the exception for Mexico, more than the rule. They don’t care about clothes here. I have seen more fashionistas, perhaps in Santiago de Queretaro, a Girl for whom elegance and meeting with the post are actually not as common as boys-tourists would like) young Mexican women do their»make-up», too often specific: either not at all, or it is a tattoo that it would make any Indian ancestor jealous in terms of hairstyles not so many restless inventors: they often wear their hair out, tails and hardly ever braided (except for children and old ladies). The first fashionable haircuts are not very hunting, like and even exclusively color dark eyes, exclusively black hair. Only a few times have I met girls with gray eyes, most of them have similar facial features, but sometimes they meet in person, they are very different from others. Whether I like it or not, the beautiful beauties of the Mexican women I will not mention the name, not Hayek and Penelope, but beautiful and not without charisma, most of them have a rather dark skin color, but sometimes they are completely present. As far as I know, it is believed that great luck is born with light skin Tattoos, piercings, tunnels in the ears, a fairly rare phenomenon. Mostly, such young people can be found in places of rest, where a kind of informal atmosphere reigns. From the point in terms of women’s clothing, they are no different: shorts, shirts, t-shirts, tight things, all of these things are worn a lot, regardless of whether they fit your figure or not, and anorexia in Mexico is clearly not given a lot of attention. Sinuous shape is the norm), the problem is that girls save them in great shape at best years earlier. They themselves don’t look very sad about it. In General, the most peculiar style and behavior — from the point of view of the completeness of the gentlemen follow, it seems, even less than the gentleman: a cocaine drink, sandwiches and favorite French fries, however, they find very beautiful cases, but beautiful boys in Mexico, unfortunately, even less than girls, and for all the elegant problems is the exception, not the rule. So boys go on the road with their friends and wives, they can’t worry too much that the second half will attract boys. Mods are common, but rare. Especially in cities where there are many students and other young people for people like Guanajuato formose, it’s no surprise that Mexicans are considered one of the most populous Nations in the world. Please note, the Mexican cuisine and the habit of eating at night for this gifted over the years, that after twenty-three twenty-five (sometimes earlier), especially after the birth of children, girls begin to spread to an impressive Mature couple of women is an almost unrealistic phenomenon in Mexico. They eat, eat continuously and are in good shape, apparently not their strong point. But. We must understand that in Mexico there is no such cult of thinness as, for example, in our country. They also have in the magazines almost all the exuberant forms of ladies, this is not what our herring has. For the sake of completeness, they are calm about it and consider it normal, both for women and men. I’m used to them liking it. Beautiful, well-groomed women with bright eyes, even a rare animal. I am usually not very well dressed, with a somewhat irregular and depressing life and its complexities. In the majority of the poor this is a problem for many Mexicans and many children, and it is a worry, worry and other pleasures of life, but despite the difficulties, the gentlemen know how to forget them and have fun and laugh sincerely when there is a reason for it, and sometimes without it, they are mostly women who do not resort to means, hide their age. Hair dye, cosmetics, and even more Botox and other wisdom, because it all needs to be done. Which, of course, is not bad. On the contrary, men seem to get closer together with age, so it is not uncommon to see pictures on the streets, when the finished woman goes with her elegantly stripped husband to the joyous men. And that’s sad. They’re not the ones who sit with three kids and pull thorns out of a cactus and carve out a tortilla in dandy’s day. The standard set wears unpretentious blue jeans and t-shirts. I noticed a tendency of older gentlemen, they often wear shirts, but not those that are under a tie, and much older informal men like to wear them hats and, it should be noted, very close face to face. There are details about the city.

By the way, the seller is a very common type of business in Mexico. They are sold all over the world. Sometimes they even just take the table home, set it up by the fence, and sit in their pants next to the chair all day, selling all sorts of things. Some are self-made entrepreneurs, others are hatters. I really like this character from the Western-American machine tool) they Say that the Mexicans are very familiar. Disagreements are rare, and they suffer from each other to the end. The men agreed to defend their homes. So whoever came to him with the sword. To be honest, judging by the purely external manifestations, I did not notice such features as a womanizer or an old narcissistic place. A family of men rarely gives girls an unambiguous point of view, let alone a larger beard and moustache, they use fewer representatives with a very high gait, preferring the face. Cracking a three-day beard even then it was not so much in fashion. Have we have a photo because all the moustache, beard) Drunk, inadequate Mexicans on the streets are unlikely to meet. This is very rare. It is not accepted by them in a state of drunkenness, shame, apparently. Listen as if you are sitting in cafes and bars, drinking beer, but either they are not very intoxicating, or as something invisible and incomprehensible that then comes home. Noisy, tongue-plucking elderly people did not meet a separate couple and my favorite topic. Mexicans look very harmonious in pairs. They are not used to hiding their feelings, so if they love each other, then the whole world knows about it. Yes, that’s right, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Young people tend to be worth even more. In a very loose Mexican relationship. There is only one(or only one) and for life. Brides and grooms can change many hugs, and other manifestations of sissy are not hidden by prying eyes and are not forbidden. No one will turn away and say»no». To be honest, I haven’t known for six months if there are any they are in Mexican club cities and how popular they are. A movie theater, for example, is not as popular as all entertainment centers in General. I’m just curious about what it’s like to be on a date. It seems that boys only walk around the streets, sit in parks or somewhere in tourist cafes, who really don’t have time to get to know the locals, Mexicans are mostly trained here so that -year-olds in Mexico are also very pleasant. It seems to me that most of them, the Mexicans, know how to grow old without turning into a life of constantly dissatisfied old people, it seems to Me that not all old people have an easy life, but they never show themselves. They greet each other with a smile, and they are forgiven, and they love each other to old age. Very often in the city, on the Central square, you can see how old couples come just to dance to the music of the orchestra. It’s not romantic