The Mexican TV series»Women know»

Watch how women learn to know

Wanted by a man.

In the beauty salon»Angelika»there are often women who have not yet met a decent man. The atmosphere of the salon is not the best, it is a friendly conversation and revelations. Here everything is completely different, women unknown to each other reveal their secrets, tell the story of their lives. Sometimes they have completely opposite opinions about life, love, relationships. He is the owner of the Angelica salon, in the eyes of others, successful and happy in the marriage of his wife.

Everyone, both employees and clients, turns to her for advice

For a long time, Angelica herself sincerely believes in her luck. She doesn’t know that her beloved husband is cheating on her with one of the salon’s clients. The treacherous mistress weaves intrigues and is ready for any humiliation to destroy her marriage. Placement of materials from the site in another place is possible only with the consent of the site administration and when placing an active link to the site